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Urology Products

Boston Scientific partners with urologists to continually advance the quality of patient care with innovative urology solutions.  We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to treat kidney stones, BPH, erectile dysfunction, male stress incontinence and pelvic floor disorders.

Featured Urology Products

LithoVue Elite System builds on the trusted LithoVue™️ System with significant next-generation innovations to help you access, visualize and treat stones, including enhanced image quality, intrarenal pressure (IRP) monitoring, direct control over image and video capturing, and seamless OR integration.

Effective January 1, 2023, single-use ureteroscopes are eligible for Transitional Pass-Through Payment.1

This short, minimally invasive in-office treatment shrinks the obstructive prostate tissue that leads to BPH, while preserving sexual function, using the natural energy stored in water vapor.2
SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogel
SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogel is the next-generation hydrogel spacer that offers enhanced visibility via CT scan, designed to help physicians improve contouring accuracy and consistently position patients receiving prostate cancer radiation, as compared to SpaceOAR™ Hydrogel.3

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Access Device: Dilatation (1)

Access Device: Sheath (1)

  • Amplatz Type Renal Sheaths

    Amplatz Type Renal Sheaths are firm renal sheaths designed to allow smooth passage of surgical instruments into the nephrostomy tract.

  • Clear Renal Sheath

    Clear Renal Sheath facilitates visualization of calculi surrounding the sheath.

  • Navigator™ HD Ureteral Access Sheath

    Provides ureteral dilation and working channel for the introduction of ureteroscopes and devices during ureteroscopic procedures.

  • Navigator™ Ureteral Access Sheath

    Designed to facilitate scope manipulation and repeated passage during ureteroscopy.1 The ureteral access sheath is designed to protect the ureter during repeated device exchanges during ureteroscopy.1

Accessories (1)

  • Drainage Bag Connecting Tubes and Connectors

    Connecting tubes and connectors designed to connect catheters to drainage collection bags.

  • Encore™ 26 Inflator

    High pressure inflation device designed to exert pressure for balloon inflation and deflation.

  • ESP™ Radiation Reduction Examination Gloves

    Gloves designed to reduce the amount of radiation exposure during procedures performed under fluoroscopy.

  • Gateway™ Advantage Y-Adapter

    A scope adapter designed with a leak-resistant seal and two ports to smoothly and securely introduce multiple instruments into the scope.

  • SAPS™ Single Action Pumping System

    A pumping system designed for physicians or assistants to effectively control irrigation and clear the field of view with a simple one-handed press of the syringe.

  • UroLok™ II Adaptor

    Our UroLok Scope Adaptor prevents backflow and secures slippery, coated devices. Designed to connect with irrigation bags and/or contrast syringe using a standard luer adapter. Additional product length keeps connections out of the way during procedures.

Antiretropulsion (1)

  • Stone Cone™ Nitinol Retrieval Coil

    The Stone Cone Nitinol Retrieval Coil is designed to act as an effective backboard, minimizing retropulsion to keep the procedure simple. It is designed to help increase procedural efficiency by minimizing retropulsion of stones up the ureter and into the kidney — potentially eliminating the need for a flexible scope during the case.1

Artificial Urinary Sphincter (1)

  • AMS 800™ Artificial Urinary Sphincter

    Over 250,000* Artificial Urinary Sphincters have been sold since the technology was initially developed in 1972.1 Today the AMS 800™ Artificial Urinary Sphincter is the gold standard treatment for male stress urinary incontinence (SUI) following prostate surgery.2-4

Catheters: Ureteral (1)

  • Axxcess™ Ureteral Catheters

    Single lumen ureteral catheter designed with tapered tip to aid atraumatic access for delivery of contrast or a guidewire.

  • C-Flex™ Ureteral Catheters

    Single lumen tapered catheter with flexible tip and firm catheter shaft designed to provide column strength for atraumatic ureteral access and smooth advancement.

  • Dual Lumen Ureteral Catheters

    Dual lumen catheter designed for over-the-wire placement, providing two separate working channels for second wire placement or injection.

  • Flexima™ Ureteral Catheters

    Single lumen catheter designed with a variety of tip configurations and sizes to facilitate ureteral access.

  • Imager™ II Catheters

    Braided torqueable catheter line with a variety of tip designs. The catheters have a high degree of torqueability designed to meet the needs of physicians performing PCNL and ureteroscopy procedures.

Cystoscopes (1)

  • VersaVue™ Single-Use Flexible Cystoscope and Tablet

    From the clinic to the operating room, the VersaVue™ Single-Use Flexible Cystoscope is sterile as packaged and delivers point-of-care versatility with optimized portability to help clinicians treat patients in a variety of settings, without the wait that may be associated with reusable cystoscopes.1,2 The VersaVue Cystoscope is ready to use and designed to perform like new for every case.1 It may help your team comply with infection control guidelines while eliminating the risk of infection due to cross-contamination associated with reusable scopes.3-6

Guidewires (1)

  • Amplatz Super Stiff™ Guidewire

    Boston Scientific's Amplatz Guidewire is a stainless steel wire with a flat-wire coil and PTFE coating. It is available in a variety of diameters and tip configurations to fit your preferences, your patients, and your procedures, designed so you can confidently straighten tortuous anatomies1 and deliver heavier instruments.2

  • Sensor™ Nitinol Guidewire
    with Hydrophilic Tip

    The gold standard in guidewires. The global market leader for over two decades, Sensor Guidewire remains the preferred hybrid wire technology for kidney stone procedures.1

  • Zebra™ Guidewire

    The guidewire that shows you the way. Nitinol wire with striped jacket designed to provide excellent visual feedback and handling.

  • ZIPwire™ Nitinol Hydrophilic Guidewire

    Impacted stones. Tortuous anatomies. Ureteral obstructions.1,2 Medical conditions like these call for a hydrophilic guidewire that’s up to the task.1

Hydrogel Spacers (1)

Laser Fibers & Accessories (1)

Lasers, BPH & Lithotripsy (1)

  • VersaCut™ Tissue Morcellator System

    The VersaCut Tissue Morcellator is designed to enable simultaneous endoscopic tissue morcellation and removal of dissected tissue, with controllable morcellation speed and suction power, in one integrated solution.

  • Lumenis Pulse™ 100H Holmium Laser System

    A 100-watt holmium laser system providing a versatile and high-powered solution for stone dusting and enucleation of the prostate in benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) procedures.

  • Lumenis Pulse™ 30H Holmium Laser System

    A mid-powered holmium laser system intended for high performance fragmentation with user experience in mind.

  • GreenLight XPS™ Laser Therapy System

    The GreenLight XPS™ Laser Therapy System is a 180W, 532nm wavelength laser for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It’s redefining the standard of care for BPH.

  • Lumenis Pulse™ 120H Holmium Laser System with MOSES™ Technology

    Lumenis Pulse 120H Holmium Laser System with MOSES Technology is a groundbreaking, patent-protected pulse delivery technology that remarkably improves energy transmission, resulting in more efficient lithotripsy treatments compared to regular holmium pulse.1 For benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) treatments, MOSES Technology results in significantly shorter treatment time due to improved enucleation efficiency and hemostasis compared to regular holmium pulse.2

  • Rezum™ Water Vapor Therapy

    Powered by convective water vapor energy, the Rezūm System delivers targeted, controlled doses of the stored thermal energy in water vapor directly to the region of the prostate gland with the obstructive tissue causing the lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) secondary to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

  • Swiss LithoClast® Trilogy Lithotripter

    Because efficiency matters.
    A dual-energy, single-probe lithotripter safely fragments and removes stones faster than other leading dual-energy lithotripters.1-2, 4

  • Swiss LithoClast® Trilogy Max Lithotripter

    Designed to deliver improved ergonomics without compromising performance, the Swiss LithoClast Trilogy Max Lithotripter features the enhancements physicians have asked for – a smaller handpiece profile, improved software and interface, and a wider, wireless foot pedal as compared to Swiss LithoClast Trilogy Lithotripter, its predecessor1.

    The dual-energy Trilogy Lithotripter is designed to deliver controlled ultrasonic and ballistic energy concurrently or independently with simultaneous suction through a single probe.

PCNL (1)

Penile Prosthesis (1)

  • AMS 700™ Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

    Our most popular inflatable prosthesis line offers a combination of features focused on both surgeon and patient satisfaction.1 It’s available with or without preconnected cylinders and pump, for either an infrapubic or penoscrotal approach.

    It’s powered by the new TENACIO™ Pump. Purpose-built from the inside out with advanced engineering and a bold design that aim to streamline the patient experience.1

  • AMS Ambicor™ Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

    This pre-filled, pre-connected device eliminates the need for a separate reservoir, resulting in a two-piece designed for ease of placement.

  • Spectra™ Concealable Penile Prosthesis

    This prosthesis offers simplified sizing, ease of placement, superior concealment and rigidity.¹ It’s an unmatched combination of technologies focused on both surgeon ease and patient satisfaction.¹

  • Tactra™ Malleable Penile Prosthesis

    The next-generation malleable prosthesis from Boston Scientific. The Tactra™ Penile Prosthesis is designed for enhanced ease of implant for physicians, and constructed for durability, offering patients both excellent rigidity and dependable concealment in a device that is natural to the touch.1

Retrieval Devices (1)

  • Dakota™ Nitinol Stone Retrieval Device with OpenSure™ Handle

    A nitinol hybrid grasper basket designed to capture, reposition and remove stones of varying size and complexity—all in a single procedure.

  • Escape™ Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket

    The 2-in-1 basket that holds its own during lithotripsy. Dual-basket configuration designed to allow you to hold fragments securely in place during lithotripsy, enabling you to work efficiently.1

  • Gemini™ Paired Wire Helical Stone Retrieval Basket

    The paired wire helical basket that keeps its shape. Promotes secure grasp of calculi and small stone fragments. It's designed to open and retain its helical shape within the ureter.

  • LithoVue Empower™ Retrieval Deployment Device

    The LithoVue Empower Device, a physician-controlled retrieval device, puts the critical task of stone removal in the hands of the surgeon.

  • OptiFlex™ 1.3F Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket

    The precision basket that puts you in control. Now you can approach and capture fragments with a flexible basket that gives you the precision and control you need in tight places. With a small 1.3F sheath, the OptiFlex Nitinol Retrieval Basket allows for maximum irrigation and a clear field of view and superior irrigation when compared to the Cook 1.5F NCircle in a bench study.1

  • Segura Hemisphere™ Stone Retrieval Basket

    Successfully complete ureteral cases with the retrieval device that offers the strength and shape retention of stainless steel.

  • Zero Tip™ Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket

    The workhorse basket that gets the job done. This 4-wire nitinol basket is designed to be reliable, durable and built to maintain its shape in challenging anatomy, even after multiple cycles.

  • VersaGrasp™ Single-Use Grasping Forceps

    VersaGrasp™ Single-Use Grasping Forceps is a sterile, single-use disposable grasper designed for reliable urinary stent removal.1 Ready for use, it eliminates the need for and risks associated with reprocessing grasping forceps.2-6

Slings: Suburethral (1)

  • AdVance™ XP Male Sling System

    The next-generation solution for male stress urinary incontinence, the AdVance™ XP Male Sling System is the U.S. male sling market leader.1 The AdVance XP has been in clinical use for over 10 years with more than 30,000 devices sold.1 The AdVance XP Sling is designed for predictable procedural performance across a range of patient anatomies and enhanced ease of use with demonstrated successful clinical outcomes.1-3

Stents: Ureteral (1)

  • Contour™ Ureteral Stents

    A soft ureteral stent for lasting comfort. Soft Percuflex™ Stent with HydroPlus™ Coating available in both fixed and variable length stents.

  • Contour™ Injection Ureteral Stent Set

    Built off the Contour Stent platform, this design facilitates the ability to inject contrast through the stent’s renal coil.

  • Percuflex™ Ureteral Stent

    Firm Percuflex Material designed for ease of placement.

  • Percuflex™ Plus Ureteral Stent

    A firm ureteral stent for maximum control. Firm Percuflex Stent with HydroPlus™ Coating designed for ease of placement.

  • Percuflex™ Urinary Diversion Stent Set

    The stent set designed for optimal drainage.1 The Percuflex Urinary Diversion Stent Set can be used for external drainage following urinary diversion procedures.2

  • Polaris™ Loop Ureteral Stent

    Proprietary loop design. Less bladder irritation.1 This dual-durometer stent features two unique bladder loops that result in an average of 69% less material in your patient’s bladder than a traditional stent.2,3

  • Polaris™ Ultra Ureteral Stent

    Firm where it needs to be. Soft where it matters.1,2 Polaris Ultra Ureteral Stent features a distinct soft Nautilus™ Bladder Coil designed to minimize bladder irritation.1-3

  • Retromax™ Plus Endopyelotomy Stent

    A stent designed to facilitate healing.1,2 The Retromax Plus Endopyelotomy Stent is designed to deliver optimal drainage and aid in the patient’s healing process.1,2

  • Stretch™ VL Flexima Ureteral Stent Set

    Variable Length Flexima™ Ureteral Stent with HydroPlus™ Coating designed to facilitate varying ureteral lengths with fewer product codes.

  • Tria™ Ureteral Stents

    Unlike any other. Made with Percushield™ technology designed to provide protection against the accumulation of both Mg and Ca salts during indwell.1,2

Ureteroscopes (1)