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Ureteral Catheters

Single lumen catheter designed with a variety of tip configurations and sizes to facilitate ureteral access.

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Product Details

Design Features

  • Catheters available in a variety of tip configurations and sizes
  • Single lumen with injection hub provided for access and collection


  • Various tip designs to facilitate access to the urinary tract
  • Can be placed retrograde
  • Radiopaque Flexima™ material to aid in visualization and placement

Multiple Sizes

  • Offered in various open tip configurations
  • 4F – 8F diameter with length of 70cm

Ordering Information

Order NumberUPNDescriptionCatheter O.D. SizeWorking LengthTip O.D. SizeQuantity
400200M0064002001Open End4F70-Box (20)
400201M0064002011Open End5F70-Box (20)
400202M0064002021Open End6F70-Box (20)
400203M0064002031Open End7F70-Box (20)
400204M0064002041Open End8F70-Box (20)
400211M0064002111Cone Tip5F708FBox (20)


Tools and Resources

   Catheter Portfolio Brochure