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Amplatz Super Stiff™


Boston Scientific's Amplatz Guidewire is a stainless steel wire with a flat-wire coil and PTFE coating. It is available in a variety of diameters and tip configurations to fit your preferences, your patients, and your procedures, designed so you can confidently straighten tortuous anatomies1 and deliver heavier instruments.2

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Product Details

Stiff Shaft Construction

  • Flat wire outer coil allows for larger inner core to provide added shaft rigidity
  • Increased stiffness of the wire designed to provide stability within the urinary tract without compromising tip flexibility

Device Placement Support

  • PTFE coating reduces friction along the wire
  • When used in ureteroscopies, the stiffness of the flatwire design provides  support for the advancement of equipment such as dilatation catheters and ureteral access sheaths
  • Percutaneous placement of the Amplatz Super Stiff Guidewire down the ureter is designed to facilitate dilatation of the percutaneous tract.1,2

Multiple Tip Configurations

  • Atraumatic flexible tip in a variety of profiles including 3.5cm flexible tip, 6cm Bentson, 7cm Bentson, and 3mm J-Tip

Ordering Information

Order NumberUPNDescriptionTip DesignSizeQuantity
640104M0066401041Amplatz Super Stiff PTFE Coated Guidewire7cm Bentson-Type.035in x 145cmBox 5
640105M0066401051Amplatz Super Stiff PTFE Coated Guidewire3mm J-Tip.035in x 145cmBox 5
640108M0066401081Amplatz Super Stiff PTFE Coated Guidewire3.5cm Flexible.035in x 145cmBox 5
640106M0066401061Amplatz Super Stiff PTFE Coated Guidewire6cm Bentson-Type.038in x 145cmBox 5
640107M0066401071Amplatz Super Stiff PTFE Coated Guidewire3mm J-Tip.038in x 145cmBox 5
640109M0066401091Amplatz Super Stiff PTFE Coated Guidewire3.5cm Flexible.038in x 145cmBox 5




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