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Occlusion Balloon Catheter

Compliant balloon designed to occlude the ureter during PCNL procedures

Occlusion balloon designed to prevent migration of stone fragments down the ureter during PCNL procedures.

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Product Details

Multiple Sizes and Configurations 

  • One inflation port and one guidewire/injection port
  • 26 and 34F inflated balloon sizes

Design Features

  • Compliant balloon designed to occlude the ureter
  • Radiopaque, flexible catheter shaft
  • Low deflated balloon profile for ease of placement
  • Facilitates retrograde injection of contrast media throughout procedure

Ordering Information

Order NumberUPNDescriptionSizeQuantity
220107M0062201070Occluder Occlusion Balloon Catheter26F x 65cmEach
220108M0062201080Occluder Occlusion Balloon Catheter26F x 100cmEach
220109M0062201090Occluder Occlusion Balloon Catheter34F x 65cmEach
220110M0062201100Occluder Occlusion Balloon Catheter34F x 100cmEach