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Contour™ Injection

Ureteral Stent Set

Built off the Contour Stent platform, this design facilitates the ability to inject contrast through the stent’s renal coil.




Product Details

Design Features

  • Designed to facilitate injection of contrast media into the renal collecting system for visualization
  • Soft Percuflex™ with HydroPlus™ Coating and Injection positioner
  • Biocompatible material designed for up to 365 day indwelling time


  • Tapered Renal Tip designed to help facilitate access through the Ureteral orifice
  • HydroPlus Coating to facilitate advancement

Multiple Sizes

  • Fixed Length Stent 6F–8F with lengths ranging from 20cm–30cm
  • Variable Length Stent 4.8F–7F with lengths of 22-30cm

Ordering Information

Order NumberUPNDescriptionSizeQuantity
185607M0061856070Contour Injection Stent4.8F x 24cmEach
185608M0061856080Contour Injection Stent4.8F x 26cmEach
185629M0061856290Contour Injection Stent4.8F x 28cmEach
185612M0061856120Contour Injection Stent6F x 22cmEach
185613M0061856130Contour Injection Stent6F x 24cmEach
185614M0061856140Contour Injection Stent6F x 26cmEach
185615M0061856150Contour Injection Stent6F x 28cmEach
185616M0061856160Contour Injection Stent6F x 30cmEach
185617M0061856170Contour Injection Stent7F x 20cmEach
185618M0061856180Contour Injection Stent7F x 22cmEach
185619M0061856190Contour Injection Stent7F x 24cmEach
185620M0061856200Contour Injection Stent7F x 26cmEach
185621M0061856210Contour Injection Stent7F x 28cmEach
185622M0061856220Contour Injection Stent7F x 30cmEach
Additional Stent kits packaged with various types of guidewires are available.