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Ureteral Stent


Product Details

Design Features

  • Designed with high retention coil strength to help maintain pigtail shape and prevent stent migration
  • Stent designed with a high ID/OD ratio and larger inner lumen to facilitate drainage and patency
  • Biocompatible material designed for up to a 365-day indwelling time


  • Tapered Tip, firm, smooth surface designed for ease of introduction
  • Bladder marker to confirm placement
  • Radiopaque for improved visualization

Multiple Sizes

  • Available in 4.8F – 8F with lengths ranging from 20–30 cm

Ordering Information

Order NumberUPNDescriptionSizeQuantity
145350M0061453500Percuflex Ureteral Stent4.8F x 22cmEach
145351M0061453510Percuflex Ureteral Stent4.8F x 24cmEach
145352M0061453520Percuflex Ureteral Stent4.8F x 26cmEach
145353M0061453530Percuflex Ureteral Stent4.8F x 28cmEach
145359M0061453590Percuflex Ureteral Stent6F x 20cmEach
145360M0061453600Percuflex Ureteral Stent6F x 22cmEach
145361M0061453610Percuflex Ureteral Stent6F x 24cmEach
145362M0061453620Percuflex Ureteral Stent6F x 26cmEach
145363M0061453630Percuflex Ureteral Stent6F x 28cmEach
145364M0061453640Percuflex Ureteral Stent6F x 30cmEach
145369M0061453690Percuflex Ureteral Stent7F x 20cmEach
145370M0061453700Percuflex Ureteral Stent7F x 22cmEach
145371M0061453710Percuflex Ureteral Stent7F x 24cmEach
145372M0061453720Percuflex Ureteral Stent7F x 26cmEach
145373M0061453730Percuflex Ureteral Stent7F x 28cmEach
145374M0061453740Percuflex Ureteral Stent7F x 30cmEach
145379M0061453790Percuflex Ureteral Stent8F x 20cmEach
145380M0061453800Percuflex Ureteral Stent8F x 22cmEach
145381M0061453810Percuflex Ureteral Stent8F x 24cmEach
145382M0061453820Percuflex Ureteral Stent8F x 26cmEach
145383M0061453830Percuflex Ureteral Stent8F x 28cmEach
145384M0061453840Percuflex Ureteral Stent8F x 30cmEach