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Surgical Endoscopy

To manage complex clinical situations, you need technologies designed to make a positive impact on your patients’ lives. We work with you to understand your toughest challenges and invest in solutions that make a meaningful difference to your patients and to healthcare overall. We deliver leading, innovative solutions for the GI Surgeon to help you provide value while advancing patient care.

Our Surgical Endoscopy Solutions


Explore less invasive medical technologies for treating gastrointestinal diseases.

Procedures & Treatments

Find flexible endoscopy techniques and technologies for managing complex gastrointestinal diseases.



From in-service videos to physician-led case studies, our virtual education content offers the resources you and your staff require to advance your skills. Access to hundreds of available high-quality didactic and hands-on training programs developed in collaboration with global thought leaders.

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Learn about Boston Scientific's GuidePoint Reimbursement’s suite of support services for administrators, managers, and healthcare professionals.


Scope Repair & Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

Explore our partnership with Total Scope, Inc., which provides scope repair services and ensures endoscopes are working properly, as well as providing access to certified pre-owned scopes.


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