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Gateway™ Advantage


A scope adapter designed with a leak-resistant seal and two ports to smoothly and securely introduce multiple instruments into the scope.

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Product Details

  • Provides a leak-resistant seal around guidewires, laser fibers, retrieval devices and other devices
  • Designed for smooth introduction and removal of urological devices
  • Y-Adapter design for additional irrigation connection or contrast injection
  • Tuohy Borst valve with easy-to-adjust thumb screw closure designed for passage of devices up to 8F
  • Blue luer seal provides the flexibility of connecting to irrigant tubing or creating a leak-resistant seal around urological devices up to 3F
  • Rotatable male luer connection designed for easy connection to the ureteroscope port

Ordering Information

Order NumberUPNDescriptionQuantity
730150M0067301501Gateway Advantage Y–AdapterBox 10