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Polaris™ Loop Ureteral Stent

Proprietary loop design. Less bladder irritation.1 This dual-durometer stent features two unique bladder loops that result in an average of 69% less material in your patient’s bladder than a traditional stent.2,3

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Product Details

Design Features

  • Dual durometer PercuflexTM stent with HydroPlusTM Coating  
  • Distinct 2.1F bladder loops offer an average of 69% less material than a traditional coil and may help bladder irritation1-3
  • Proprietary co-extrusion creates seamless transition from firm to soft stent durometer
  • Up to 365-day indwell time4


  • HydroPlus™ Coating designed to facilitate advancement up the ureter3
  • Tapered tip designed for atraumatic access
  • Graduated circumferential markings to confirm placement

Multiple Sizes

  • Available in 5F – 8F with lengths ranging from 10cm – 30cm    


Ordering Information

 Polaris Loop sizes 
UPNGTINSize (Fr x cm)
M0061552110087147297653495 x 10
M0061552120087147294209655 x 12
M0061552130087147294209725 x 14
M0061552140087147294209895 x 16
M0061552150087147294209965 x 18
M0061552200087147294210095 x 20
M0061552210087147294210165 x 22
M0061552220087147294210235 x 24
M0061552230087147294210305 x 26
M0061552240087147294210475 x 28
M0061552250087147294210545 x 30
M0061552300087147294210616 x 20
M0061552310087147294210786 x 22
M0061552320087147294210856 x 24
M0061552330087147294210926 x 26
M0061552340087147294211086 x 28
M0061552350087147294211156 x 30
M0061552400087147294211227 x 20
M0061552410087147294211397 x 22
M0061552420087147294211467 x 24
M0061552430087147294211537 x 26
M0061552440087147294211607 x 28
M0061552450087147294211777 x 30
M0061552500087147294211848 x 20
M0061552510087147294211918 x 22
M0061552520087147294212078 x 24
M0061552530087147294212148 x 26
M0061552540087147294212218 x 28
M0061552550087147294212388 x 30
Each stent supplied with attached braided retrieval line and stent positioner.


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