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Amplatz Type Renal Dilators



Product Details

  • Firm, kink-resistant material
  • Gradual taper of the distal tip designed for atraumatic placement and manuverability
  • Available in 8F to 30F OD even sizes
  • Graduated dilator set includes 12 dilators (8F to 30F OD even sizes) and 8/10 Dilator/Sheath Set
  • Dilator/sheath set includes 12 dilators (8F to 30F OD even sizes), 8/10 dilator and four Amplatz Sheaths (24F to 30F even sizes)


Ordering Information

Order NumberUPNDescriptionSizeQuantity
260100M0062601000Amplatz Type Graduated Renal Dilator Set8F-30F x 35cmEach
260250M0062602500Amplatz Type Renal Dilator/Sheath Set8F-30F x 35cmEach
260101M0062601010Amplatz Type Renal Dilator8F x 35cmEach
260102M0062601020Amplatz Type Renal Dilator10F x 35cmEach
260103M0062601030Amplatz Type Renal Dilator12F x 35cmEach
260104M0062601040Amplatz Type Renal Dilator14F x 35cmEach
260105M0062601050Amplatz Type Renal Dilator16F x 35cmEach
260106M0062601060Amplatz Type Renal Dilator18F x 35cmEach
260107M0062601070Amplatz Type Renal Dilator20F x 35cmEach
260108M0062601080Amplatz Type Renal Dilator22F x 35cmEach
260109M0062601090Amplatz Type Renal Dilator24F x 35cmEach
260110M0062601100Amplatz Type Renal Dilator26F x 35cmEach
260111M0062601110Amplatz Type Renal Dilator28F x 35cmEach
260112M0062601120Amplatz Type Renal Dilator30F x 35cmEach

Prescriptive Information

Caution: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.
Caution: The law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.
This Renal Dilator is not packaged with a DFU, as allowed by 21CFR 801.109 and MDD 93/42/EEC Annex 1, clause 13.1. These devices are for prescription use only and the indications, contraindications, directions, hazards, warnings, and other information are commonly known through physician training and widespread use of these devices to practitioners licensed by law to use them.