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Three racially diverse employees laugh together while walking down a hallway.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Our vision

We believe that transforming lives through innovative medical solutions requires a diverse team that reflects the world around us, an inclusive culture where differing perspectives are valued and equitable career opportunities for everyone in our company.

Our approach

We develop programming and drive initiatives that embed inclusivity across our business practices. We seek meaningful culture change by listening to employee feedback to inform our actions and measuring our progress to hold ourselves accountable.

A message from our Chairman and CEO

“It’s important to think about diversity, equity and inclusion as much as innovation or growing the company, and to keep challenging ourselves to push for progress. When we value diverse perspectives, it drives us all to be better and to think differently—and that is how we can solve health care’s toughest problems.”

— Mike Mahoney

Mike Mahoney Boston Scientific Chairman and CEO smiling into camera.

Our strategy

Everything starts with our employees and the equitable workplace we aspire to build. By putting equity into practice, we help everyone feel that they belong. Done right, we will advance diversity, equity and inclusion, together.

Camille Chang Gilmore Boston Scientific Vice President Human Resources and Global Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer smiling into camera.

“Quick fixes rarely lead to sustainable solutions. Through consistent work and dedication, we expect to make progress over time in our journey toward a more inclusive workplace. That’s why we’re starting from the inside out, creating a ripple effect focused on meaningful, sustainable change.”

— Camille Chang Gilmore
Vice President, Human Resources and Global Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

Our 2030 aspirational goals

Setting, measuring and sharing aspirational goals is essential for meaningful progress. By 2030, we aspire to improve the gender, race and ethnicity balance of our mid-level leadership1 team, as follows:



mid-level leadership



Multicultural talent3

mid-level leadership

(U.S./Puerto Rico)

“Now more than ever, change requires trust and accountability. Our programs, initiatives and goals reflect the many steps we take to listen, learn and act. This work has no finish line. Working together, we will continuously seek opportunities to improve.”

— Wendy Carruthers
Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Wendy Carruthers Boston Scientific Executive Vice President of Human Resources smiling into camera.

Addressing inequities

Our innovations in medical technology transform lives. That is why we take a human-centric approach to addressing disparities.

Advancing social justice

Living by our values means equity, diversity and meaningful impact are top priorities within our team and within our communities.

Awards and recognition

2023 Forbes Best Employers for Diversity badge.
2023 Disability Equality Index Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion badge.
2023-2024 Human Rights Campaign badge showing an Equality 100 Award as a leader in LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion.
Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility badge.
2023 Seramount Leading Inclusion Index Company badge.

Join our team

  1. Mid-level leadership includes managers, principals, senior managers and fellows.
  2. Gender includes all employees globally where gender is identified. Excludes any employees where gender is “undeclared” and “unknown.”
  3. Multicultural talent in the U.S. and Puerto Rico is defined as African American/Black, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian/Alaskan, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific I slander, and two or more races. Excludes any employees who choose not to self-identify.

All data as of December 31, 2023, unless otherwise noted.