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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Fuel Us

Everyone should be empowered to be their authentic selves at work. We’re fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture where employees can advance their careers and collaborate to improve and save patients’ lives.






Message from our Chairman & CEO

“It’s important employees think about diversity, equity and inclusion as much as innovation or growing the company. A culture that values diverse perspectives drives us all to be better and think differently—and that’s how we can solve health care’s toughest problems.”

Michael F. Mahoney, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer



Taking action to drive meaningful change

Now more than ever, it takes time, trust and accountability to make progress. Wendy Carruthers, senior vice president of Human Resources, shares more about what we’re doing to drive meaningful change in our workplace, our communities and beyond.

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An ongoing journey

Camille Chang Gilmore, global chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer, knows that enabling an equitable and inclusive culture is an ongoing journey and a catalyst for change. As she says, “It’s about progress over time, not overnight.”

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We’re playing our part to combat racism

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The Only Acceptable Trajectory Is Up

We set ambitious goals to increase our workplace gender and multicultural diversity—with a special focus on our supervisor and manager level employees, where impact can flow both upstream and downstream in our workplace.



Making Meaningful Progress Toward Our Goals

We’re working hard to achieve our 3Up by 2023 goals.
See the progress we’ve made as of December 31, 2020.
We were proud to be recognized in 2020 as a Top 10% Inclusion Index Company by Diversity Best Practices.
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We reported 21.4% representation of multicultural talent at the supervisor and manager levels at the end of 2020.
We reported 39.9% representation of women at the supervisor and manager levels at the end of 2020.
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How We’ll Get There



To create change throughout our organization, we’re focusing on key areas of the employee experience: attraction, development and retention. Here are the strategic levers we’re using to impact each area.



Hiring is our largest opportunity to change the face of Boston Scientific’s future.

Inclusive Hiring Practices
We work to ensure a rich pool of diverse candidates for open roles and continually audit our materials and practices.

Collaborating for Change
We are proud to partner with leading organizations and institutions that promote and support the development of talent from underrepresented groups. Learn more

Recruiting with Purpose
We identify, participate in and sponsor recruitment events focused on diversity, including those for individuals with disabilities, LGBTQ+, veterans and more.

Recognizing and raising up the diverse talent already within our workforce helps ensure diverse employees, at all levels, experience meaningful career journeys.

Career Growth Programs
We offer a variety of mentoring, sponsorship and leadership development opportunities for women and multicultural employees to develop both personally and professionally.

Embedding Inclusive Behaviors
Everyone can contribute to the betterment of our workplace and communities. That’s why we require all employees to complete unconscious bias training, along with setting their own inclusion and engagement goals.

Developing Leaders as Inclusion Champions
Our leaders play an important role in coaching and creating a safe and equitable workplace for their teams. All our leaders must complete diversity, equity and inclusion training to raise awareness about important issues and challenges to better support our evolving global workforce. And as part of our evaluation process when hiring or promoting senior leaders, we consider how candidates have demonstrated inclusive behaviors.

Who leaves matters just as much as who enters. By supporting, engaging and retaining diverse talent, we can stem attrition to maintain our culture of diversity.

Inclusive Employee Resource Groups
Our ERGs foster thriving communities to help our diverse employees to connect and succeed. Learn more

Equal Pay for Equal Work
Equal work demands equal pay. See how we evaluate and achieve pay equity. Learn more

Empowering Working Parents
We’ve been recognized as a “Best Company for Dads” and one of the “100 Best Companies” by Working Mother Media. Learn more

Culture of Health & Well-being
We offer inclusive policies, benefits and programs to meet the diverse needs of our employees. Learn more

Retention Research
We actively seek employee feedback, create opportunities for candid dialogue and look to data and trends to continually improve the retention of our diverse talent.




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