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Healthcare professional with the LithoVue Elite Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope with intrarenal pressure monitoring.
Logo LithoVue™ Elite Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope System

with intrarenal pressure monitoring

See how the next-gen LithoVue Elite System can help you see more, know more, and do more.

See more. Know more. Do more.

The LithoVue™ Elite Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope System is the first and only ureteroscope with intrarenal pressure (IRP) monitoring, giving you the power to make informed, real-time clinical decisions in kidney stone management.

Find out how the next-gen LithoVue Elite System can help you:

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See more with enhanced image quality

With a high-resolution digital chip and proprietary VividVue™ Technology image processing, the LithoVue Elite System raises the bar on image quality for single-use, flexible ureteroscopes. You can count on bright, sharp and clear images with accurate, bold colors and fast image processing for immediate visualization along with a wide view and 270° deflection in both directions.  


Know more by monitoring IRP in real-time.

The LithoVue Elite Ureteroscope with IRP monitoring displays accurate, real-time, second-by-second, intrarenal pressure data directly on your current operating room monitor. Real-time pressure monitoring allows you to see pressure data and the scope image on one screen enabling immediate awareness of pressure within the collecting system. 

Why intrarenal pressure matters

Routine measurement of IRP is not currently performed during ureteroscopy procedures. Complications of elevated IRP may include:

  • Pain1,2 
  • Renal damage and pathological changes1,3,4 
  • Systemic inflammatory response syndrome3,5 
  • Fluid absorption1,3,6-8 
  • Fever3,5 
  • Infection1,3,5,9 
  • Sepsis1,3,5,9 
  • Pyelovenous backflow1,3,6-8

Understanding IRP as a predictor of complications has been neglected;3 however, the LithoVue Elite System unlocks the potential to improve our understanding of the impact of elevated IRP on patient outcomes. 

Do more with direct control and OR integration.

Take control of image and video capture

The LithoVue Elite System puts direct control of image and video capture from the sterile field in your hands. Programmable buttons on the scope handle enable you to easily record and save data without the need to coordinate with staff. 

Seamlessly integrate into your OR

The StoneSmart™ Connect Console, LithoVue Elite’s compact processing unit, integrates into your operating room or existing mobile visualization tower and is designed to reduce clutter, minimize capital footprint, and simplify switching between cystoscope and ureteroscope. The endoscopic image is displayed on your existing OR monitors to help to minimize distraction and operating room logistics. 

The LithoVue Elite System is the first device that has been designed on Boston Scientific’s next-generation StoneSmart™ technology platform. The system has built-in support for potential interoperability with future Boston Scientific devices. 

Representation of kidney with blue dots and lines.

Peer-to-peer education on

Browse our full on-demand catalog of videos, editorials and white papers – many narrated and authored by practicing urologists – to stay up to date on the latest research on sepsis and IRP.

Environmental efficiency

Environmental sustainability has been integral to the development of the LithoVue Elite Ureteroscope, including designing for recyclability, manufacturing plant sustainability, and supply chain emission minimization.10 In an effort to minimize our carbon footprint, Boston Scientific has partnered with Sharps Compliance to provide a way for customers to recycle/repurpose used LithoVue Elite Ureteroscopes and their packaging at no additional cost. 

Operational efficiency

Reusable or disposable flexible ureteroscopes have been shown to deteriorate over time and are costly to maintain. The LithoVue and LithoVue Elite Ureteroscopes provide a new scope for every case and eliminate maintenance hassles associated with reusable scopes.11-15 Plus, they eliminate many of the unpredictable operational and financial costs of ownership for reusable flexible ureteroscopes, providing economic value.15, 16-18


Transitional Pass-Through (TPT) Payment

Effective January 1, 2023, U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has created a new Transitional Pass-Through (TPT) payment category which describes single-use endoscopes, including the LithoVue™ Elite Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope, under the Medicare hospital outpatient prospective payment system (OPPS).19 Hospital Outpatient Departments and Ambulatory Surgery Centers may obtain additional, separate Medicare reimbursement for devices with TPT status, in addition to reimbursement for the procedure(s) furnished during the patient encounter.20 The intent of TPT payment is to facilitate Medicare beneficiary access to the advantages of innovative devices by allowing for adequate payment.21

A new device billing code is effective January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2025.

HCPCS Code Descriptor
C1747 Endoscope, single-use (i.e., disposable), urinary tract, imaging/illumination device (insertable)22

Boston Scientific recommends the new C-Code be considered for use in charging and billing for single-use ureteroscopes, including the LithoVue Elite Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope.23 Payments will vary by facility based on hospital reported charges.

If you have additional questions, review the reimbursement coding reference guide or reach out to your local sales representative, or contact us.


Tools and resources

Intrarenal pressure during urological procedures infographic.


Intrarenal pressure during urological procedures

StoneSmart Solutions peer-to-peer education webpage.


LithoVue Elite Ureteroscope product brochure

LithoVue Elite Ureteroscope product brochure.


Naeem Bhojani, MD, describes his selection criteria for intrarenal pressure sensing ureteroscopes


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