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LUX-Dx II+ Insertable Cardiac Monitor System from Boston Scientific

Cardiac Monitor

Whether you’re just starting to research heart monitors or you already have the LUX-Dx™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) and want to learn more, explore the sections below to find answers to your questions.

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Know your rhythms

If you’ve been experiencing symptoms like fainting, palpitation, or shortness of breath, your health care team may recommend heart monitoring. Heart monitors are often used to check for irregular heart rhythms to help your health care team provide the best care for your condition. 

Boston Scientific’s LUX-Dx II+ Insertable Cardiac Monitor System

Types of heart monitors 

There are several types of devices that can monitor your health data and heart rhythms including wearables, Holter monitors, and smart watches. The LUX-Dx™ ICM System is inserted just under your skin to provide long term, continuous monitoring over multiple years.

Get to know your device

The LUX-Dx ICM is a small electronic device placed just under your skin. It automatically monitors and records information about your heart rhythms for your doctor. 

Understanding the procedure

If your doctor has recommended the LUX-Dx ICM System, the procedure is quick and easy. Learn more about what to expect in the steps below.

Step 1

Your health care team will start by numbing the area where the device will be inserted with local anesthesia.

Step 2

Your doctor will make a small incision. Usually, the incision is on the left side of the chest. But your doctor will determine the best place for the incision.

Step 3

After making the incision, your doctor will insert the ICM device under your skin.

Step 3

Finally, your doctor will close the incision.

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On the way to wellness

Recovery from your procedure should not prevent you from returning to an active lifestyle. Be sure to ask your health care team what activity level is recommended for you and follow all their post-procedure instructions. Learn more about what to expect from the ICM procedure and recovery. 

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LUX-Dx ICM System refers to LUX-Dx™, LUX-Dx II™, and LUX-Dx II+™ ICM Systems.

The downloadable myLUX patient app is only available for LUX-Dx II and LUX-Dx II+ ICM. It is not available on LUX-Dx ICM.

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