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Retromax™ Plus

Endopyelotomy Stent

Endopyelotomy stent with HydroPlus™ Coating and Percuflex™ Material featuring a dual diameter and tapered end designed to minimize trauma during placement.

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Product Details

Design Features

  • Constructed with Percuflex Material with a smooth transition from 14F to 7F taper at the bladder coil
  • Designed to maintain ureteral patency and drainage post-endopylotomy


  • Smooth diameter taper facilitates atraumatic placement
  • Tapered Tip designed to help facilitate ease of access through the Ureteral orifice
  • HydroPlus Coating to facilitate advancement

Variable Length Sizes

  • Stent diameters taper 14F to 7F with lengths of 22cm to 30cm

Ordering Information

Order Number UPN Description Size Quantity
145147 M0061451470 Retromax Plus Stent 14F/7F 22cm Each
145148 M0061451480 Retromax Plus Stent 14F/7F 24cm Each
145149 M0061451490 Retromax Plus Stent 14F/7Fr 26cm Each
145150 M0061451500 Retromax Plus Stent 14F/7F 28cm Each
145151 M0061451510 Retromax Plus Stent 14F/7F 30cm Each