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Percutaneous Access Needle

NaviGuide™ Percutaneous Access Needle
NaviGuide™ Percutaneous Access Needle

A new level of convenience, accuracy and control. Discover a new way to help reduce the complexity in achieving precise access for removing challenging renal stones.

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NaviGuide™ Percutaneous Access Needle

Product Details

Physician Holding Needle


One needle for all your PCNL procedures. Precisely track and guide placement using fluoroscopic or ultrasound imaging.
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Set the adjustable slider using the markings on the needle to assist with depth control and provide an aid to limit overshooting. A radiopaque ring in the slider is a visual aid for the bull's-eye approach.
Physician Holding Needle Close


With a dedicated gripping area for forceps and a range of needle lengths to size to your patient, it’s designed to improve control of the needle during advancement. The locking hub keeps the needle securely connected until removal.

Ordering Information

UPNGTINProduct DescriptionSize (Gauge)Length (cm)
M006700131008714729953364NaviGuide Percutaneous Access Needle1812
M006700132008714729953371NaviGuide Percutaneous Access Needle1816
M006700133008714729953388NaviGuide Percutaneous Access Needle1820