Female Pelvic Medicine

Boston Scientific remains dedicated to the pelvic floor space and is Always there for both physicians and their patients. We are anchored in our guiding principle to provide innovative products that are supported with clinical data and offer robust professional programs to advance the quality of patient care. We stand by the quality of our products and our overall commitment to women’s health.

Education and Training

Clinical Excellence

Boston Scientific is committed to supporting evidence-based medicine through sponsoring and funding women’s health research worldwide for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

  • 3,500+ women enrolled in our clinical studies around the world
  • 120+ physicians collaborating on research
  • 60+ clinical studies / publications
  • 15+ currently ongoing investigator-sponsored research (ISR) studies
  • Three 522 post-market clinical studies, focused on Uphold™ LITE Vaginal Support System, Xenform™ Soft Tissue Repair Matrix and Solyx™ Single-Incision Sling System
  • Member of the American Urogynecologic Society (AUGS) Pelvic Floor Disorders Registry

Product Innovation

Boston Scientific is focused on developing new products, improving existing product lines, and exploring innovative ways to treat pelvic floor diseases and related areas.

Upsylon™ Y-Mesh Upsylon™ Y-Mesh

Features lightweight, low surface area technology to minimize mesh contact with the vaginal wall. The mesh handling characteristics, large pores and blue color are designed for ease of positioning and fixation to assist with placement.

Advantage Fit™ Advantage Fit™

Designed to create a new standard for transvaginal sling placement. Features a 46% thinner needle and 17% tighter curve intended to reduce insertion force and position the sling closer to the pubic bone.*

Obtryx™ II Obtryx™ II

Transobturator sling with enhanced features designed to provide smooth sling placement, intra-operative adjustability with minimal tissue disruption, and increased physician visualization that aids in precise sling placement.