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Coronary stent device support

Everything you need to know about living with your device.

If you haven’t had a coronary stent procedure, please visit the coronary procedure page for more information. 

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Frequently asked questions

Coronary stents are small, wire mesh tubes that help widen clogged arteries and restore adequate blood flow to the heart.

Stents are designed to stay in your body permanently.

Once positioned by your physician, the stent does not move on its own. It is manufactured so it will not rust.

MRI safety testing has shown that Boston Scientific stents are MRI conditional and patients with our stents may safely undergo an MRI scan under certain conditions listed on the Stent Implant Card. If you require magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), tell your doctor or MRI technician that you have an implanted stent and show them your Stent Implant Card.

Yes, it is possible that you will experience symptoms again, either due to a new blockage in the region treated with the stent or due to a blockage at another place in your coronary arteries. Your doctor will monitor your progress.

While there is no sure way to prevent a recurrence of symptoms, you can reduce the risk through exercise, not smoking and eating a healthy diet. Ask your doctor about lifestyle changes you can make and check out our heart health section to get healthy living tips for people with CAD.

If you experience pain, inform your cardiologist or the center where the procedure was performed immediately.

Boston Scientific Coronary stent

A pulse on innovation

Coronary heart disease is the most common type of heart disease, killing 360,900 people in 2019.¹ Boston Scientific offers life-changing procedures for heart patients with our industry leading coronary stents.

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The Boston Scientific difference

At Boston Scientific, we have a long history of creating trusted implants to make life easier for people living with heart conditions, chronic pain and erectile dysfunction—always with safety as a top priority.

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