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SpaceOAR Vue™ Hydrogel

Radiopaque Perirectal Spacer for Radiation Therapy

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Visibly Different

SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogel is the next-generation hydrogel spacer that offers enhanced visibility via CT scan



SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogel in different image modalities.

T2-weighted Magnetic Resonance images*

T2-weighted Magnetic Resonance images*

Computed Tomography images*

Computed Tomography images*

kV Cone-beam Computed Tomography image (first fraction)*

kV Cone-beam Computed Tomography image (first fraction)*

kV Cone-beam Computed Tomography image (last fraction)

kV Cone-beam Computed Tomography image (last fraction)*



Hear clinicians discuss SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogel’s impact on their practice and their patients.


Dr. Ed Soffen
Ed Soffen, MD, a Radiation Oncologist, talks about the potential benefits of SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogel with easier contouring, better visibility and time-saving efficiency.
Dr. Daniel Peterit
Radiation Oncologist, Daniel Petereit, MD, discusses how SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogel is designed to be highly visible in a CT scan and may be beneficial for patients who cannot undergo an MRI.
Dr. Alaina Rizzo
Alaina Rizzo, a Radiation Therapist at Princeton Radiation Oncology, talks about how SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogel can help visualize the hydrogel under cone-beam CT to better manage patient alignment.
Dr. Joseph Hanley
Joseph Hanley, Ph.D., Director of Medical Physics at Princeton Radiation Oncology, discusses how SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogel had a positive impact on meeting dose-volume constraints of treatment plans.



The benefits of SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogel

Radiopaque hydrogel allows visibility on CT scan
treatment planning can be done using CT only, reducing the need for MRI which may streamline workflow
CT visibility may hep reduce under-or over- contouring of the prostate and rectum for improved accuracy and optimized treatment planning
Radiopacity may provide a suitable imaging option to MRI for patients with implanted metallic devices allowing you to treat more patients


Dr. Eisha Fredman

Real-world experience with SpaceOAR Vue Hydrogel

Dr. Elisha Fredman from Seidman Cancer Center, Cleveland Medical Center, shares his clinical experience with SpaceOAR Hydrogel Systems in his prostate cancer therapy approach.




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*Jeff Michalski, MD (2020). Permission granted by Washington University Imaging.1.  


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