Ureteral Access Sheath

Designed to facilitate scope manipulation and reduce trauma during ureteroscopy. The ureteral access sheath is designed to protect the ureter during repeated instrument exchanges during ureteroscopy.

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Product Details

  • Kink resistant sheath reinforced with stainless steel coil designed to provide stability and strength during placement
  • Hydrophilic coated sheath, designed for lubricity during sheath placement.
  • Radiopaque marker band on sheath to confirm placement of sheath tip under fluoroscopy
  • Dual tapered dilator tip designed for atraumatic insertion
  • Ergonomic hub design provides a secure single-latch mechanism facilitating one hand operation

Ordering Information

Order Number UPN Description Size Quantity
250200 M0062502000 11/13F 28 cm Each
250202 M0062502020 11/13F 36 cm Each
250204 M0062502040 11/13F 46 cm Each
250206 M0062502060 13/15F 28 cm Each
250208 M0062502080 13/15F 36 cm Each
250210 M0062502100 13/15F 46 cm Each
250201 M0062502011 11/13F 28 cm Box 5
250203 M0062502031 11/13F 36 cm Box 5
250205 M0062502051 11/13F 46 cm Box 5
250207 M0062502071 13/15F 28 cm Box 5
250209 M0062502091 13/15F 36 cm Box 5
250201 M0062502011 13/15F 46 cm Box 5