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Beyond the implant,

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Urology / Products / AMS 700TM Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

Product shot of AMS 700

Help your patients with erectile dysfunction find a permanent treatment therapy1

You can help more patients safely resume a satisfying sexual intimacy with their partners, provide optimal clinical outcomes and ensure your peace of mind.

Urologists have chosen the AMS 700 Series as the market-leading inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) line for more than half a million patients as a natural appearing IPP designed for ease of use.1

You can be confident that the AMS 700 Series addresses your ED patients’ needs with an overall patient and partner satisfaction rate of 97% and 96%, respectively.2


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Prioritizing patient needs

cylinder icon. Sophisticated cylinder construction
Layered with silicone and fabric designed to maintain a symmetrical shape1
leaf icon. Natural appearance
Natural look in both flaccid and erect states with three sizing options1,3-5
ruler icon. Increased length and girth
The only IPP with cylinders designed to increase length and girth1
no infection icon. Reduced risk of infection
The only line of penile implants with InhibiZone™ antibiotics impregnated into the cylinders and proven for over 20 years to reduce infections by 65% in the highest risk patients6
holding hands icon. High partner and patient satisfaction
Patient and partner satisfaction rate of 97% and 96%, respectively2
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Patients count on ideal outcomes

AMS700 cylinder side-view.

"It gives me the most natural erection I could possibly have"
-Cliff, AMS 700 Prosthesis patient

The unique sophisticated cylinder construction reinforces and maintains a symmetrical shape regardless of patient anatomy.


Clinical perspectives

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