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Modern PCI

The more you know, the better the outcome

Our goal is clear: Zero readmissions for preventable restenosis.

Today, short-term outcomes are table stakes. Feel the satisfaction of placing a stent for outcomes that will last a lifetime. With Modern PCI you have the information to understand the patient and the tools to get the procedure right the first time.

So, yes. We’re going for Zero – by giving you everything we’ve got to help re-imagine long-term outcomes and redefine the standard of care. Not just once but for all.

Learn more about the Modern PCI approach to improving patients' outcomes.

see the vessel

See the vessel

Assess plaque type and severity with state-of-the-art tools that reveal the patient’s physiological state. Clearer images of coronary arteries make for clearer treatment decisions.

prep the vessel

Prep the vessel

Access best-in-class tools to modify calcium and tackle a coronary occlusion. Move forward with certainty, knowing you can combat coronary artery disease with confidence.

treat the vessel

Treat the vessel

Having taken the steps to see and prep coronary arteries, you now have a suite of market-leading therapies at your fingertips to handle any form of coronary artery disease.

The most complete Modern PCI Portfolio in the Industry

No two patients are the same. That’s why we offer the broadest portfolio of dependable, sophisticated Percutaneous Coronary Intervention devices so you have access to the right tools to see, prep, and treat coronary artery disease.

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Quick reference guide with order codes for all Interventional Cardiology products

Interventional Cardiology products

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Product safety information

Access MRI, Latex, and IFU information

Get Modern PCI training and education

The Boston Scientific EDUCARE online learning platform offers:

  • In-person training events
  • Institute for Advancing Science (IAS) training facilities
  • Continuing education credits for health professionals, and focused topics for Fellows
  • Training on our percutaneous coronary intervention devices


Training highlight

IVUS 123 Essentials is a step-by-step guide to simplify IVUS workflow and optimize PCI treatment. Developed with the help of physicians, IVUS 123 Essentials explains both pre-stent and post-stent workflows using IVUS. 


Clinical data

Our success in the cath lab is only as good as the clinical data that validates our products.

Our Percutaneous Coronary Intervention devices go through rigorous testing, so you can rest easy that our solutions are trustworthy.

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