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Guide Catheter

RUNWAY Guide Catheter
RUNWAY Guide Catheter

High-performance design for exceptional support, strength and control in case after case.

Product Detail

Primary and Secondary Curve Firmness

  • Provides outstanding back-up support
  • Enhances pushability through tortuous anatomy
  • Innovative polymer specially designed to enhance curve retention

Large Lumen Design

  • Offers the device compatibility needed for a multitude of treatment options and treatment scenarios
  • Provides improved dye flow for better visualization

Improved Curve Retention and Tip Softness*

  • Maintains primary curve shape 40% better than the Launcher Guide Catheter
  • 40% softer tip than the Launcher Guide Catheter for improved placement confidence

Design and Performance Dynamics

  • Firm catheter shaft for users preferring a passive guide catheter
  • Available in 6F lumen size (0.070")

* Bench test data on file. N=22 for Launcher; N=15 for RUNWAY. Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance. 

Curve Retention: Testing measures the ability of the catheter to effectively retain its curve shape while placed in water at body temperature (37° C). Smaller changes in the curve angles may increase the catheter’s ability to direct the therapy device to the intended target site. Tip Softness: Testing measures the force absorbed by the catheter’s tip when compressed or deflected at 0.02". Lower force indicates a softer tip.


The C-code used for this product is C1887: Catheter, guiding (may include infusion/perfusion capability). C-codes are used for hospital outpatient device reporting for Medicare and some private payers.

Note: Boston Scientific is not responsible for the correct use of codes on submitted claims; this information does not constitute reimbursement or legal advice. 

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