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FilterWire EZ™

Embolic Protection System for Carotid Arteries

FilterWire EZ Embolic Protection System
FilterWire EZ Embolic Protection System

With its advanced technology designed for simplicity and effectiveness, the FilterWire EZ Embolic Protection System is designed to deliver efficient, predictable protection.

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Product Details

FilterWire EZ schematic

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Product Information

Captures Debris Efficiently:

  • Uniform 110-micron-pore filter is designed to permit continuous blood flow while maintaining embolic capture efficiency.
  • Suspended nitinol filter loop is intended to provide 360° apposition in straight or tortuous anatomy.
  • Radiopaque loop allows full deployment verification with one angiographic view.

Enhanced Ease of Use for Delivery and Retrieval:

  • Pre-loaded rapid exchange protection wire with peel-away delivery sheath is intended to simplify device preparation.
  • Highly flexible system is designed to provide excellent tracking through tortuous anatomy.
  • 3.2F crossing profile, tapered nosecone and silicone-coated tip are designed to facilitate lesion crossing.
  • Retrieval sheath is designed to maximize filter coverage while withdrawing through deployed stent.

Simplifies Filter Sizing:

  • One size is intended to provide protection in vessels with 3.5mm to 5.5mm diameter landing zone.
FilterWire EZ System nitinol filter loop
The FilterWire EZ System has a confirming, nitinol filter loop.

Ordering Information

Order NumberOrder DescriptionCrossing ProfileReference Vessel Diameter
H749 20100-190 0FilterWire EZ System, 190cm3.2F (1.1mm, 0.042")3.5mm-5.5mm
H749 20100-300 0FilterWire EZ System, 300cm3.2F (1.1mm, 0.042")3.5mm-5.5mm
H749 50100-150 0EZ Bent Tip Retrieval Sheath4.0F (1.3mm, 0.052")N/A

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