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PTCA Dilatation Catheter

NC QUANTUM APEX PTCA Dilatation Catheter
NC QUANTUM APEX PTCA Dilatation Catheter

NC QUANTUM APEX Catheter is a high-performance, post-dilatation balloon catheter developed specifically to address physicians’ needs in optimizing coronary stent deployment.

Product Detail

This is the best of Boston Scientific – NC QUANTUM APEX Catheter launches a clear new standard for deliverability.

  • 27% Better Distal End Flex¹
  • 26% Improved Tip Flexibility¹
  • 23% Less Tip Catch¹
  • 23% Improvement in Recross¹
  • Excellent Visibility via Platinum Iridium Marker Bands
  • 4% Balloon Growth Rate²
  • 20 ATM RBP (18 ATM RBP for 4.5mm and 5.0mm Diameters)³
  • Now Available in 6mm Lengths
  • Choose from Monorail™ or Over-the-Wire Designs
  • Broadest Matrix of Lengths and Diameters


Ordering Information

MR Balloon Length
Balloon Diameter (mm) 6 mm 8 mm 12 mm 15 mm 20 mm 30 mm
2.00 mm H7493912406200 H7493912408200 H7493912412200 H7493912415200 H7493912420200 H7493912430200
2.25 mm H7493912406220 H7493912408220 H7493912412220 H7493912415220 H7493912420220 H7493912430220
2.50 mm H7493912406250 H7493912408250 H7493912412250 H7493912415250 H7493912420250 H7493912430250
2.75 mm H7493912406270 H7493912408270 H7493912412270 H7493912415270 H7493912420270 H7493912430270
3.00 mm H7493912406300 H7493912408300 H7493912412300 H7493912415300 H7493912420300 H7493912430300
3.25 mm H7493912406320 H7493912408320 H7493912412320 H7493912415320 H7493912420320 H7493912430320
3.50 mm H7493912406350 H7493912408350 H7493912412350 H7493912415350 H7493912420350 H7493912430350
3.75 mm H7493912406370 H7493912408370 H7493912412370 H7493912415370 H7493912420370 H7493912430370
4.00 mm H7493912406400 H7493912408400 H7493912412400 H7493912415400 H7493912420400 H7493912430400
4.50 mm H7493912406450 H7493912408450 H7493912412450 H7493912415450 H7493912420450  
5.00 mm H7493912406500 H7493912408500 H7493912412500 H7493912415500 H7493912420500  
OTW Balloon Length
Balloon Diameter (mm) 6 mm 8 mm 12 mm 15 mm 20 mm 30 mm
2.00 mm H7493912506200 H7493912508200 H7493912512200 H7493912515200 H7493912520200 H7493912530200
2.25 mm H7493912506220 H7493912508220 H7493912512220 H7493912515220 H7493912520220 H7493912530220
2.50 mm H7493912506250 H7493912508250 H7493912512250 H7493912515250 H7493912520250 H7493912530250
2.75 mm H7493912506270 H7493912508270 H7493912512270 H7493912515270 H7493912520270 H7493912530270
3.00 mm H7493912506300 H7493912508300 H7493912512300 H7493912515300 H7493912520300 H7493912530300
3.25 mm H7493912506320 H7493912508320 H7493912512320 H7493912515320 H7493912520320 H7493912530320
3.50 mm H7493912506350 H7493912508350 H7493912512350 H7493912515350 H7493912520350 H7493912530350
3.75 mm H7493912506370 H7493912508370 H7493912512370 H7493912515370 H7493912520370 H7493912530370
4.00 mm H7493912506400 H7493912508400 H7493912512400 H7493912515400 H7493912520400 H7493912530400
4.50 mm H7493912506450 H7493912508450 H7493912512450 H7493912515450 H7493912520450  
5.00 mm H7493912506500 H7493912508500 H7493912512500 H7493912515500 H7493912520500  
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