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Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System

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SYNERGY MEGATRON Tapered Vessels Image
HBR indication stamp
SYNERGY MEGATRON Synchronous drug elution image.
The SYNERGY MEGATRON™ BP Stent design features best-in-class strength, unmatched overexpansion, maximum visibility and uniform lesion scaffolding.
The SYNERGY MEGATRON BP Stent is a versatile model that can expand from 3.5 mm to 6.0 mm for tapered vessels.
Indicated for use in high bleeding risk patients.
Unlike permanent polymer DES technology, the SYNERGY MEGATRON BP Stent features synchronous drug elution and polymer absorption.

A New Type Of Stent

The SYNERGY MEGATRON Stent System is purpose built for large proximal vessels so you can maximize performance where it is needed most.


Best-in-Class Axial & Radial Strength

Overall Strength in Perspective*
Overall Strength In Perspective* Graph

Axial Strength
To maintain stent integrity in complex interventions.

Radial Strength
To maintain vessel patency.

43% more axial strength to maintain stent integrity in complex interventions, 40% more radial strength to maintain vessel patency

Unmatched Overexpansion Range

Accommodate Wide Diameter Mismatch
A versatile stent model that can expand 2.5 mm, from 3.5 mm to 6.0 mm, to accommodate wide diameter mismatch.
Accommodate Wide Diameter Mismatch Graph

Maximum Visibility

Platinum Chromium (PtCr) Alloy
Enhances visibility to aid in accurate stent placement.
Maximum Visibility

Uniform Lesion Scaffolding

Maximize Lumen Gain
12-peak design minimizes tissue prolapse and maintains lumen diameter.
33% less tissue prolapse, 12-peak stent design to minimize tissue prolapse and maintaine lumen diameter

High Bleeding Risk Patients

Leading on Studying Short DAPT

The SYNERGY MEGATRON BP Stent can be safely used in conjunction with shortened DAPT in patients at high risk for bleeding (HBR), based on the results from the EVOLVE Short DAPT Trial.‡‡1 This trial data, in conjunction with the HBR indication, provides important evidence to inform decisions about DAPT duration for this patient subset.


EVOLVE Short DAPT Trial‡‡ 1

Studying 3-month DAPT in high bleeding risk patients

Ordering Information

ø(mm) 8 12 16 20 24 28 32



3.50  H7493942808350 H7493942812350  H7493942816350 H7493942820350 H7493942824350 H7493942828350 H7493942832350 6.0
4.00 H7493942808400 H7493942812400 H7493942816400 H7493942820400 H7493942824400 H7493942828400 H7493942832400 6.0
4.50 H7493942808450 H7493942812450 H7493942816450 H7493942820450 H7493942824450 H7493942828450 H7493942832450 6.0
5.00 H7493942808500 H7493942812500 H7493942816500 H7493942820500 H7493942824500 H7493942828500 H7493942832500 6.0

Mega Strength

Mega Strength

Learn why we created a stent purpose-built for large proximal vessels.

Optimal Healing

Optimal Healing

Find out how synchronous drug elution and polymer absorption enables early healing.

SYNERGY Clinical Overview

SYNERGY Clinical Overview

Discover the clinical evidence on the SYNERGY™ BP Stent, including multiple short DAPT studies.

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