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Microcatheter Family

Torqueable microcatheters designed to maximize flexibility and strength
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No Compromises:
Torqueable microcatheters designed to maximize flexibility and strength
View what makes the MAMBA Microcatheter different and see it in action.

With their proprietary tapered coil and integrated tip design, MAMBA Microcatheters are engineered to be resilient and optimize support without compromising flexibility and profile.



Design Overview

The MAMBA Family of torqueable microcatheters combine a proprietary tapered coil and lubricious coating with an integrated tip. These unique design elements provide better penetration support and deliverablility, potentially leading to fewer complications, reduced procedure times, and better patient outcomes.
Small Crossing Profile
MAMBA Flex: 135/150
MAMBA: 135
Innovative Tapered Coil Integrated Tip Highly Lubricious and Durable Coating
Small Crossing Profile
MAMBA Flex: 2.1F
Innovative Tapered Coil
Integrated Tip
Highly Lubricious and Durable Coating
MAMBA Microcatheters Design Overview
MAMBA Microcatheters Specifications

Proximal Shaft

  • Stiff, Durable
  • Torqueable
  • Kink Resistant

Distal Shaft Liner

  • Inner liner reduces friction from wire interaction

Tapered Low Profile Coil Design

  • Smooth taper minimizes weak points
  • Optimized for desired flexibility/support and length


Integrated Tip

MAMBA Microcatheter’s unique integrated tip is engineered with a Tapered Coil that extends to within less than 1 mm of the distal tip, providing a metal backbone that is designed for maximum durability, guidewire support, and torque transmission for exceptional deliverability.

MAMBA Microcatheters Integrated Tip

Tapered Coil

MAMBA Microcatheter’s game-changing proprietary Tapered Coil is optimized for exceptional pushability and torque transmission without compromising on flexibility or profile, providing outstanding delivery and support in a variety of clinical scenarios.

Constructed from 11 individually tapered filars that extend from hub to tip, the innovative Tapered Coil provides a flexible distal shaft as the filars taper, while maintaining a continuous metal backbone for impressive push and support.


Optimized Design

MAMBA 135 and MAMBA Flex 135 & 150 Microcatheters are engineered with unique Tapered Coil profiles to optimize each device for different clinical use:

  • 3 coil taper zones optimize MAMBA for exceptional antegrade pushability and wire support
  • 5 taper zones optimize MAMBA Flex for deliverability through tortuous anatomy

MAMBA 135 Microcatheter

  • 2.4F crossing profile
  • 3 coil taper zones for exceptional antegrade wire penetration support
  • Highly pushable and torqueable

Shaft & Body Schematic

MAMBA Microcatheter Size

MAMBA Flex 135/150 Microcatheters

  • 2.1F crossing profile
  • 5 coil taper zones for enhanced flexibility, deliverability, and wire follow
  • Excellent deliverability through tortuous vessels
  • 135 cm length for antegrade
  • 150 cm length for retrograde

Shaft & Body Schematic

MAMBA Flex Microcatheter Size

Product Specifications

 Lesion Entry Profile
Crossing ProfileProximal Shaft ProfileDistal I.D. (in/mm)Proximal I.D. (in/mm)Usable Length (cm)Recommended Guidewire (in/mm)
MAMBA 135 Microcatheter 1.4F2.4F2.9F0.018/.460.023/.581350.014/.36
MAMBA Flex 135 Microcatheter1.4F2.1F2.9F0.018/.460.023/.581350.014/.36
MAMBA Flex 150 Microcatheter1.4F2.1F2.9F0.018/.460.023/.581500.014/.36

Ordering Information

Material DescriptionREF/Catalog NumberGTIN
MAMBA 135 MicrocatheterH749 392871350 00871472994021
MAMBA Flex 135 MicrocatheterH749 392871354 008714729940289
MAMBA Flex 150 MicrocatheterH749 392871500 008714729940326


The procedures in which the MAMBA and MAMBA Flex Microcatheters are used are eligible for reimbursement per third party payer guidelines. Billing guides with respective coding and estimated Medicare reimbursement for relevant procedures are available online at