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Guiding Catheter

CONVEY Guiding Catheter
CONVEY Guiding Catheter

Get both ease and precision with CONVEY Guiding Catheter, featuring a unique hydrophilic coating, outstanding torque control, and excellent shape retention.

Product Details

CONVEY Guiding Catheter offers smooth delivery with less friction and greater staying power, making it the natural choice whenever you take the femoral or radial route.

  • Unique hydrophilic coating
  • Large 6 F 0.071" inner-diameter
  • Small atraumatic soft tip
  • Uncoated distal segment
  • Ultra-thin 1 × 2 flat wire braid pattern


Unique hydrophilic coating


Coating applied only where needed

  • Uncoated 7 cm distal segment provides meaningful feedback to help prevent unintential deep intubation
  • Uncoated proximal 25 cm segment to provide for controlled manipulation


Exceptional control and precision


Exceptional back-up support

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