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PTCA Dilatation Catheter

APEX™ PTCA Dilatation Catheter
APEX™ PTCA Dilatation Catheter

The APEX Balloon Catheter offers a new shaft and tip technology along with an expanded size matrix which optimizes the balance between trackability and pushability.


Product Details

Improved Pushability and Outstanding Trackability Designed for Greater Crossing Success*

Reaching a complex lesion is important, but crossing it is critical. An optimal balance between pushability and trackability gives the APEX Balloon Catheter the power to push beyond difficult lesions, increasing your crossing and stent delivery success.

Advanced Technologies Provide Improved Pushability*

  • Bi-Segment™ Inner Shaft (Monorail™ and OTW Catheters): Stiff and flexible segments enhance both pushability and trackability*
  • TruFeel™ Hypotube (Monorail Catheter): Designed to improve kink resistance and has a polymer sleeve for handling and device integrity
  • Slope™ Outer Shaft (OTW Catheter): Seamless one piece shaft made of new nano-composite material designed to enhance push efficiency
Apex Balloon Catheter Segment


  • APEX Balloon Catheter is 16% more pushable than the MAVERICK²™ Balloon Catheter*
  • APEX Balloon Catheter is 35% more pushable than the MAVERICK™ Balloon Catheter*
Apex Pushability Chart
Pushability: A measure of the ability to transmit force to the tip of the catheter while advancing against a hard stop.

Trackable - Outstanding Performance You Can Count On

  • More flexible tip design
  • OptiLEAP™ Balloon Material with reduced waist thickness
  • New flexible platinum iridium marker bands provide 27% better radiopacity***
Apex flexible tip design.

Tip Flexibility

APEX Balloon Catheter is 35% more flexible than the MAVERICK Balloon Catheter**.

Versatile - Options to Meet Clinical Demands

  • Available in a wide array of diameters from 1.5mm to 5.0mm
  • Lengths ranging from 8mm to 40mm (for select diameters)
  • A choice of 1.5mm catheters designed for different crossing challenges
  • OptiLEAP Balloon Material provides sizing flexibility
  • All sizes available in Monorail and Over-the-Wire Catheter platforms

Ordering Information

MRBalloon Length
Balloon Diameter (mm)8mm12 mm15 mm20 mm30 mm40 mm
1.50 mmH7493895908150H7493895912150H7493895915150H7493895920150  
2.00 mmH7493895908200H7493895912200H7493895915200H7493895920200H7493895930200H7493895940200
2.25 mmH7493895908220H7493895912220H7493895915220H7493895920220H7493895930220 
2.50 mmH7493895908250H7493895912250H7493895915250H7493895920250H7493895930250H7493895940250
2.75 mmH7493895908270H7493895912270H7493895915270H7493895920270H7493895930270 
3.00 mmH7493895908300H7493895912300H7493895915300H7493895920300H7493895930300H7493895940300
3.25 mmH7493895908320H7493895912320H7493895915320H7493895920320H7493895930320 
3.50 mmH7493895908350H7493895912350H7493895915350H7493895920350H7493895930350H7493895940350
3.75 mmH7493895908370H7493895912370H7493895915370H7493895920370H7493895930370 
4.00 mmH7493895908400H7493895912400H7493895915400H7493895920400H7493895930400H7493895940400
4.50 mmH7493895908450H7493895912450H7493895915450H7493895920450  
5.00 mmH7493895908500H7493895912500H7493895915500H7493895920500  
OTWBalloon Length
Balloon Diameter (mm)8 mm12 mm15 mm20 mm30 mm40 mm
1.50 mmH7493895808150H7493895812150H7493895815150H7493895820150  
2.00 mmH7493895808200H7493895812200H7493895815200H7493895820200H7493895830200H7493895840200
2.25 mmH7493895808220H7493895812220H7493895815220H7493895820220H7493895830220 
2.50 mmH7493895808250H7493895812250H7493895815250H7493895820250H7493895830250H7493895840250
2.75 mmH7493895808270H7493895812270H7493895815270H7493895820270H7493895830270 
3.00 mmH7493895808300H7493895812300H7493895815300H7493895820300H7493895830300H7493895840300
3.25 mmH7493895808320H7493895812320H7493895815320H7493895820320H7493895830320 
3.50 mmH7493895808350H7493895812350H7493895815350H7493895820350H7493895830350H7493895840350
3.75 mmH7493895808370H7493895812370H7493895815370H7493895820370H7493895830370 
4.00 mmH7493895808400H7493895812400H7493895815400H7493895820400H7493895830400H7493895840400
4.50 mmH7493895808450H7493895812450H7493895815450H7493895820450  
5.00 mmH7493895808500H7493895812500H7493895815500H7493895820500  
Push Balloon Length
 Balloon Diameter (mm)8 mm12 mm15 mm20 mm
MR1.50 mmH7493896108150H7493896112150H7493896115150H7493896120150
OTW1.50 mmH7493896008150H7493896012150H7493896015150H7493896020150


The C-code used for this product is C1725 Catheter, transluminal angioplasty, non-laser.

C-codes are used for hospital outpatient device reporting for Medicare and some private payers. Note: Boston Scientific is not responsible for the correct use of codes on submitted claims; this information does not constitute reimbursement or legal advice.
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