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Diagnostic Catheter

EXPO Diagnostic Catheter
EXPO Diagnostic Catheter

Designed to promote quick, safe vessel engagement and reliable performance for a smooth diagnostic procedure.

Product Detail

Design and Performance Dynamics

  • Softer catheter shaft for users preferring an active diagnostic catheter
  • Firm primary curve to improve responsiveness
  • Available in three sizes: 5F (0.045"), 6F (0.056"; 0.052" for Pigtail and MP) and 7F (0.064"; 0.060" for Pigtail and MP)

Trilon Material with Full-Length Wire Braiding

  • Provides excellent pushability and efficient torque transmission from hub to tip, for smooth traversing through even the most tortuous anatomy
  • Resists softening in the body
  • Promotes excellent curve retention that keeps the catheter in position during injections
  • Designed to minimize potential for vessel trauma
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