Find out what the indicator lights mean on your LATITUDE Communicator.

Troubleshooting Your Communicator

For help with troubleshooting your communicator, please see pages 46-65 of the LATITUDE Patient Manual or call Patient Services at (866) 484-3268.


What Do the Lights Mean?

LATITUDE™ Home Monitoring System - video titled Understanding the Lights on Your Communicator

Understanding the Lights on Your Communicator

See the chart below for an explanation of some of the most common lights on your Communicator. For an explanation of all the lights on your Communicator, please see “Indicator Descriptions,” starting on page 39 or “Troubleshooting,” on page 46 of the LATITUDE Patient Manual.
LATITUDE™ Home Monitoring System - illustration of lights and steps to take

What should I do if the Heart Button is flashing?

Press and release the Heart Button. The Heart Button is flashing because the communicator needs to complete a scheduled interrogation. A flashing Heart button does not indicate there is a problem with your implanted device.

What does the flashing yellow LATITUDE indicator light mean?

The LATITUDE indicator light flashes yellow briefly during the startup process and flashes yellow longer during a software upgrade.   The LATITUDE indicator light turns green after the startup process or software upgrade is complete.


Making Sure Your Communicator is Working

To confirm that your Communicator is operating normally, follow these simple steps:

1. Press the status button on the back of the Communicator for one second.

LATITUDE™ Home Monitoring System -  device illustration indicator light

2. If the Communicator lights up as shown below, your last interrogation was successful. The lights will turn off automatically after two minutes.

LATITUDE™ Home Monitoring System -  device illustration of communicator light


I’ve been told my Communicator isn’t sending information over the phone line, what are some troubleshooting steps I can take?

  • Remove any splitters between the Communicator and the telephone wall jack. (See page 61 of of patient manual.)
  • If you have DSL internet service, ensure you are using a DSL filter between the Communicator and telephone wall jack.  (See page 61 of of patient manual.)
  • If you have a phone plugged directly into a modem from the cable company, then the phone jacks in the rest of your home are likely not active.  You may need to plug the Communicator directly into the “TEL 1” phone jack on the modem, and then plug your phone into the back of the Communicator.

What happens if the power goes out?

The Communicator has internal memory that stores your interrogation and other information in case the power is interrupted or the power cord is unplugged. The LATITUDE indicator light will turn green after power is restored to the Communicator.


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