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Remote monitoring system device support

Using your Communicator for CRT, Pacemaker, and ICD Patients

For patients with a device implanted near their shoulder, the LATITUDE Communicator collects information from your implanted cardiac device automatically and sends it to your healthcare team through a secure server.

Important to know

  • Your device will be checked automatically by your Communicator on a daily basis. You will not be aware when these routine device checks occur and the indicator lights on your Communicator will not flash during these routine checks.
  • The Communicator does not reprogram or change any functions of your implanted device and your implanted device will still work even if your Communicator is not working.
  • The Communicator does NOT dial 911 during a health emergency. If you are not feeling well, call your healthcare provider or dial 911.

When to use your Communicator

The Communicator operates automatically on a schedule set by your healthcare provider. Your device will be checked automatically and without your knowledge on a daily basis.

In rare cases, the Heart button may blink. If this occurs, simply press and release the Heart button. Stay within arm’s reach of the Communicator until all the waves are lit solid green as shown below, indicating that data collection is complete.

You should check the Communicator daily to see if any of the indicators are lit solid or flashing. Call your healthcare provider if the call doctor icon is lit any color.

set up step 6

How to manually send your data

Your healthcare provider may instruct you to manually send your data.

If you are instructed to send your data manually, be sure to stay close to the Communicator while completing the steps below to ensure the best connection between your implanted device and the Communicator.

1. Press the Heart button and stay within arm’s reach of the Communicator while it completes the interrogation.

press the heart button

2. When all the waves light solid green and the doctor icon lights blue as shown below for two minutes, the Communicator has successfully sent your data.

manual data send complete


Normal use of the LATITUDE system has been accounted for in the projected battery life of your implanted device. Pressing the heart button more often than when the Heart button flashes or more often than instructed by your healthcare provider may lead to a decrease in the battery life of your device.

Making sure your Communicator is working

To confirm that your Cmmunicator is operating normally, follow these simple steps:

1. Press the status button on the back of the Communicator for one second.

set up status button

2. If the Communicator lights up as shown below, your last interrogation was successful. The lights will turn off automatically after two minutes.

confirm successful operation

What do the lights mean?

what lights mean

Understanding the lights on your Communicator

Traveling with your Communicator

The Communicator can be used when away from home. Your healthcare provider should be consulted before planning to travel.

Learn more about traveling with your Communicator

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