LATITUDE™ Home Monitory System

LATITUDE is an in-home monitoring system that lets your healthcare team monitor your implanted device data between scheduled office visits. The system is designed to improve your care, while providing convenience to you.

Important to Know

  • The LATITUDE System does not reprogram or change any functions of your device and your device will still work even if your Communicator is not working. 
  • The Communicator does NOT dial 911 during a health emergency. If you are not feeling well, call your healthcare provider or dial 911.

Sending Your Data

The Communicator does not provide continuous monitoring. Your Communicator reads implanted device information wirelessly and sends the data to your healthcare team at regularly scheduled intervals. Depending on your device type, your Communicator will either check your device automatically or prompt you to send information at times scheduled by your healthcare provider.

CRT, Pacemaker and ICD Patients

Your Communicator automatically collects information about your implanted device at scheduled times and sends it to your healthcare team. There may be times that the system prompts you to send your data manually. Learn more at the link below.

Using Your Communicator

EMBLEM™ S-ICD Patients

Your healthcare team will set up a schedule for how often your Communicator should check your S-ICD device. The white heart button on your Communicator will flash when it‘s time to check your device and prompt you to send your data by pushing the button.

Using Your Communicator


LATITUDE Protects Your Patient Information

You can feel confident knowing the LATITUDE System uses advanced security methods to protect your personal medical information. Only authorized healthcare providers have access to your information through the secure clinician website.

Health Benefits of LATITUDE

In addition to making it more convenient for you and your healthcare team to monitor your device and condition, home monitoring can also provide health benefits. The ALTITUDE Study found that patients using LATITUDE Home Monitoring over the five years of the study had a 50% relative risk reduction of death as compared to patients who only went to the clinic for device checks.1

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1. Saxon LA, Hayes DL, Gilliam FR, Heidenrerch PA, Day J, et al. Long-Term Outcome after ICD and CRT Implant and the Influence of Remote Device Follow-up: The ALTITUDE Survival Study. Circulation. 2010;122:23 2359-2367.