LATITUDE™ Home Monitoring System

LATITUDE is an in-home monitoring system that lets your healthcare team monitor your implanted device data over a secure network between scheduled office visits. Find out how LATITUDE works, how to set it up and more.

Things to Know About LATITUDE

  • The Communicator sends important information from your implanted device based on a schedule set by your doctor. This information is sent to the secure LATITUDE website for your doctor to review.
  • To ensure timely data collection, it is recommended that you place the LATITUDE Communicator near your bed or in a room where you spend a considerable amount of time.
  • The Communicator does NOT dial 911 during a health emergency. If you are not feeling well, call your healthcare provider or dial 911.



Discover how LATITUDE works to help your healthcare team monitor your implanted device and manage your heart condition.

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Setting Up Your Communicator

Get step-by-step instructions for setting up your Communicator using a standard phone line, cellular data network, or an internet connection.

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Using Your Communicator

Learn when to use your Communicator, how to manually send your data, what to do when you travel and more.

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Indicator Lights and Troubleshooting

Find out what the Communicator indicator lights mean and how to troubleshoot some of the most common issues with the LATITUDE system.

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LATITUDE System Models


LATITUDE Wireless Communicator

Models 6498, 6280, 6290

LATITUDE Touch Screen Wireless Communicator

Model 6476

LATITUDE Wanded Communicator

Model 6481

LATITUDE Push Button Wireless Communicator

Model 6482

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