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Remote Patient Management System


The LATITUDE NXT Remote Patient Management System offers a variety of connectivity options to meet your patients’ needs. See below to learn about the options and explore resources to help your patients choose the right connection for them.
: Icon Showing Internet, Cellular and Landline Connectivity Options for the LATITUDE NXT Remote Patient Management System

Multiple Connectivity Options

The following connectivity options are available for most LATITUDE Communicators. For more information, call 1-866-484-3268.
Connectivity Option Hardware Home Considerations
Internet LATITUDE Ethernet Adapter Requires access to high speed Internet modem/router
Cellular LATITUDE Cellular Adapter Service provided by AT&T and T-Mobile
Landline Included with some models of the LATITUDE Communicator Compatible with most analog and digital phone services

Patient Tools & Assistance

Boston Scientific offers a variety of resources to help patients connect, use and troubleshoot their LATITUDE NXT System.

Patient Services

Patients can send questions to Patient Services via email or call us Monday through Friday at 1-866-484-3268.

Product Brochures

You can get a variety of brochures to help patients set up and use their Communicator by calling the number below.

MyLATITUDE™ Patient App

Patients and their caregivers can access helpful information about their LATITUDE NXT Communicator with the MyLATITUDE Patient App.

Online Resources

Our patient website contains LATITUDE NXT setup instructions, troubleshooting tips and other resources.


Discover how a variety of customizable workflows and patient organization options may benefit your practice and patients.

Clinical Outcomes

Clinical Outcomes

See the data showing increased survival and decreased hospitalization rates for patients monitored remotely via LATITUDE.

Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

See how our complete portfolio of cardiac patient management solutions helps improve efficiencies and patient outcomes.