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Remote Patient Management System

Efficient Patient Data Management

Having the right data at the right time and place helps you provide the best possible care to the patients who need it most. That’s why the LATITUDE NXT Remote Patient Management System interrogates a patient’s device on a schedule set by your clinic and can be configured to automatically send data to the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR).
Physician Looking at a Patient Report on the LATITUDE NXT Website

A Complete Data Management Solution

To ensure clinicians have the full picture of a patient’s cardiac health, remote interrogation information from the LATITUDE NXT Communicator and data obtained from the LATITUDE Consult™ System during acute and regularly scheduled clinic visits can all be uploaded to the LATITUDE NXT website, which can then be uploaded into the EMR. This seamless data management solution helps increase clinical efficiencies and improve patient outcomes.
Workflow Graphic Showing LATITUDE NXT Remote Patient Management System Data Integration for Implant, Acute, Clinic and Home

Convenient. Efficient. Secure.

Built in Health Level 7 (HL7), LATITUDE NXT was designed for seamless EMR data integration. Data from the Communicator flows to the EMR at the same time it uploads on the LATITUDE NXT webpage “For Review Patient List.” The system offers AES encryption for secure transfer of the following patient and device data:

  • LATITUDE Alert Information text
  • Event Information
  • Event and Pacing Counters
  • Battery Status
  • Settings, including Device Information, Tachy and Brady Zones, and ATR Settings
  • Lead Information, including Intrinsic Amplitudes and Impedance
  • PDF Reports, including Combined Follow-up, Heart Failure Report and Events


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Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

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