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Software Release

This release launched on September 27, 2021 and supports the following new feature:

  • Two Factor Authentication (TFA)
    • LATITUDE NXT 7.1 offers Two Factor Authentication as an optional feature to enhance the security of LATITUDE NXT access. TFA can be enabled by the Clinic Account Manager for the clinic.
    • After Two Factor Authentication is enabled, all users will be prompted to setup TFA by providing an email address or mobile phone number upon their next log-in to LATITUDE NXT.
    • Once the user has setup TFA, LATITUDE NXT will send a verification code to the user’s email address or mobile device for each future login attempt. The verification code will remain active for 10 minutes.


Visit to view Communicator setup videos

Contact LATITUDE Customer Support at 1.800.227.3422 if you have questions.

LATITUDE™ NXT 7.0 Software Release

This release launched on December 7, 2020 and supports the following new feature:

  • MRI Protection Mode episodes will be viewable for additional models of the Dynogen™ and Resonate™ family of ICDS and CRT-Ds.

LATITUDE™ NXT 6.1.5 Software Release

This release launched on April 20, 2020 and brings new features to enhance your workflow including:

  • New Yellow alert for S-ICD – SMART Pass Disabled
    • LATITUDE NXT 6.1.5 enables a yellow alert if the 9Hz high-pass SMART Pass filter is automatically disabled by the S-ICD firmware.
    • SMART Pass Disabled alert will be configured ‘ON’ for existing clinics when LATITUDE NXT 6.1.5 launches.
    • There may be some instances where a SMART Pass Disabled alert may not include an episode based on when the feature was disabled and when the LATITUDE Communicator received the firmware update. If you experience this, call BSC Technical Services for assistance.
  • New 4G Cell Adapter – Model 6205 
    • 4G coverage should provide improved connectivity for patients.
    • A firmware update is required for existing Communicators before they are compatible with the new 4G Cell Adapter.
    • Available on eOrdering in early Summer.
  • EMR Integration Updates
    • LATITUDE NXT 6.1.5 provides clinics with the ability to configure EMR output file content and timing. These configuration options include maximum output file size, when to send the data (automatic or manual), and whether to include or combine applicable PDF reports.
    • All interrogations are now present in the EMR Log regardless of if the interrogation puts the patient on the “For Review” page or if EMR integration is enabled.

LATITUDE™ NXT 6.1 Software Release

This release launched on July 22, 2019. To review the features included with 6.1, please see the information below:

  • Improved configurability options for additional alert notifications
    • Adds the ability to specify custom business hours for receiving additional alert notifications.
    • Allows for custom holidays to be specified for exemption from additional alert notifications.
  • Browser support for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge
  • Additional device summary information
  • New Yellow alert – Signal Artifact Monitor (SAM)
    • LATITUDE NXT 6.1 enabled a yellow alert if Signal Artifact Monitor (SAM) disables the Minute Ventilation (MV) sensor in pacemakers or cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemakers (pacemakers).
    • SAM is an interval-based algorithm designed to quickly eliminate pacing inhibition due to MV sensor signal oversensing by disabling the MV sensor.
    • Boston Scientific pacemakers use the MV sensor to support features like RightRate™ and Respiratory Rate Trend.
    • The SAM yellow alert was configured ‘Off’ for existing patients at the launch of LATITUDE NXT 6.1.
    • If the SAM yellow alert is configured ‘On’ and SAM disabled MV after the last programmer interrogation, a yellow alert will be generated. Because SAM was previously launched through a programmer application, an elevated volume of past yellow alerts may present with the launch of the v6.1 LATITUDE NXT release.
    • By design, diagnostic data (EGMs) for certain SAM yellow alerts prior to the v6.1 upgrade may only be accessible through in-clinic programmer interrogation of the pacemaker.
    • SAM yellow alerts occurring after Communicators have been upgraded with v6.1 will have full SAM diagnostic data available within LATITUDE NXT.


LATITUDE™ NXT 6.0 Software Release

This release launched on May 21, 2018. To review the features included with 6.0, please see the information and video below:

  • Two new Yellow alerts
    • Antitachycardia pacing (ATP) therapy delivered to convert arrhythmia which is nominally ON in LATITUDE NXT
      • After launch, episode(s) where ATP was delivered since the last counter reset will upload alert(s).  After these alerts are uploaded only new alerts will be sent.
    • Nonsustained ventricular arrhythmia episode(s) which is nominally OFF in LATITUDE NXT
  • Voltage too low for projected remaining capacity alert is changing from Yellow to Red
  • A variety of website updates including Not Monitored list enhancements
  • An EMR upgrade
For a tour of the new enhancements please watch this short video:
This release requires a firmware update for all Communicators.  The upgrade should not be visible for most active patients but will be seen if patients are setting up their Communicator for the first time.  Patients with an EMBLEM S-ICD may notice a flashing yellow LATITUDE light indicating the firmware is being installed.


Visit to see Communicator setup videos.

Contact LATITUDE Customer Support at 1.800.227.3422 if you have questions.