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Software Release

This release launched on May 13, 2023 and supports the following new features:

  • EMBLEM™ S-ICD Milan Upgrade Support:
    • Hydrogen Induced Battery Depletion:
      • Enhancements were made to the LATITUDE NXT website to display indications to the user if there is a battery issue due to hydrogen induced battery depletion.
        • A new Red Status Indicator has been added to the Battery Details section.
        • The battery gauge has been updated to show a new red battery icon.    
    • System Impedance
      • A new Yellow Alert “Elevated System Impedance” with a corresponding Yellow Status Indicator has been created for the cautionary range (201-400 Ohms) of system impedance measurement.
      • No change to the existing Red “High Electrode Impedance” alert, but the Red Status Indicator has been updated for consistency with the programmer screen.
    • EMR Integration Update: Device Settings Report added to IDCO EMR output.
    • Communicator Firmware Update: Active Communicators will automatically download and install firmware. The upgrade should not be visible for most patients but will be seen if patients are setting up their Communicator for the first time. Patients with an EMBLEM S-ICD may briefly notice a flashing yellow LATITUDE light indicating the firmware is being installed.
    • Browser Support: Continue to support Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome & Apple Safari but removing support for Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) & Firefox.


Visit to access LATITUDE resources for patients and caregivers.

Contact LATITUDE Customer Support at 1.800.227.3422 if you have questions.