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Remote Patient Management System

More Efficient Workflows.
Better Patient Outcomes.

Every clinic and patient is unique. That’s why the LATITUDE NXT Remote Patient Management System was designed to offer multiple features that enable a variety of customizable workflows to meet your needs.
Physician and Patient Discussing the LATITUDE NXT Remote Patient Management System

Equipment Distribution

You can order LATITUDE NXT Communicators to ship directly to your patient or your clinic. If you choose to have LATITUDE NXT equipment shipped to your clinic, you can distribute and enroll patients at discharge, after a wound check or at any other time that works best for your patients and your practice.

Patient Organization and Clinic Collaboration

LATITUDE NXT Website Screen Showing Patient Organization Options

Patient Organization Options

The LATITUDE NXT website allows you to organize patients into Patient Groups based on your clinic workflow. Some examples of ways to organize your Patient Groups include:

  • Different Clinician Users
  • Alert or Schedule Configurations
  • Location
  • Physician
  • Device Type
  • Condition

Collaborative Care

With our collaborative care model, a single patient can be followed by two separate physicians—even if they’re part of different organizations. For example, one physician can monitor the patient’s device, while another monitors his or her heart failure including HeartLogic. The collaborative care model enables separate alert and schedule configurations to ensure data and alerts are sent to the clinicians who want to see them.

Workflow Assistance

We're here to help you configure your LATITUDE NXT website to match your clinic workflow. Give us a call at 1-800-CARDIAC (1-800-227-3422).
Product Overview

Product Overview

Find out how LATITUDE NXT lets you monitor patients’ implanted device data between scheduled office visits.

Clinical Outcomes

Clinical Outcomes

See the data showing increased survival and decreased hospitalization rates for patients monitored remotely via LATITUDE.

Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

See how our complete portfolio of cardiac patient management solutions helps improve efficiencies and patient outcomes.