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MyLATITUDE™ Patient App

Phone with Latitude Communicator
Woman holding phone
MyLATITUDE Patient App with a LATITUDETM NXT Communicator
Patient using the MyLATITUDE Patient App

Intuitive Meets Informed
Designed with input from clinicians and patients, the MyLATITUDE Patient App is designed to improve compliance to remote monitoring by notifying the patient if their LATITUDETM NXT Communicator is not connected and guiding them on how to reconnect. The app allows you to focus on essential clinical care by enabling patients to independently obtain answers to commonly asked questions about remote monitoring and implanted devices.

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Product Details

The MyLATITUDE Patient App is a mobile app for patients and their caregivers that delivers information and education designed to provide peace of mind and improve compliance to remote monitoring. MyLATITUDE is a supplemental resource that is compatible with all Boston Scientific implanted devices followed on LATITUDETM NXT.

The MyLATITUDE Patient App:

  • Provides the status of the LATITUDETM Communicator
  • Notifies the patient or caregiver if the LATITUDE Communicator is not working properly, and how to resolve the problem
  • Communicates the status of the patient's last scheduled remote follow-up and the date of their next scheduled transmission
  • Provides the status of the patient's implanted device battery
  • Offers setup and troubleshooting assistance for the LATITUDETM Communicator
  • Answers commonly asked questions about remote monitoring and implanted devices

Download Instructions

The MyLATITUDE Patient App is free to download on mobile devices by following these steps:

  1. Open the App Store within your mobile device
  2. Search for “MyLATITUDE”
  3. Download "MyLATITUDE" Patient App




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