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Remote Patient Management System

Improving Clinical Outcomes with Automatic Daily Monitoring

Explore the data showing increased survival and decreased hospitalization rates for patients who have automatic daily monitoring using the LATITUDE NXT Remote Patient Monitoring System.
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Insight that Stays a Beat Ahead

HeartLogic™ Heart Failure Diagnostic is a proven heart failure diagnostic solution using multiple, novel physiologic sensors with high sensitivity and low alert burden; it’s validated to provide weeks of advance notice for detecting early signs of worsening heart failure.1

The MultiSENSE study assessed more than 900 patients and validated the HeartLogic alert to have:1

2015 HRS Consensus Statement

“CIEDS with wireless remote monitoring (RM) capabilities stand at the forefront of a new class of medical devices that will unobtrusively acquire vital data beyond the walls of health care facilities and seamlessly transmit the information back to healthcare providers.”2

PREDICt RM Results

The PREDICt RM study, a retrospective analysis of nearly 40,000 patients from the Boston Scientific ALTITUDE Registry and the NCDR® ICD Registry™, showed use of remote monitoring was associated with improved patient outcomes.3

ALTITUDE Survival Study

This observational, retrospective, non-randomized post-market analysis found that:4

  • Patients followed on the LATITUDE™ system had a 50% relative reduction in the risk of death as compared to patients followed in-clinic only.
  • Heart failure patients who transmitted weight and blood pressure data via the LATITUDE system experienced an additional 10% reduction in the risk of death as compared to other networked CRT-D patients followed on the LATITUDE system.
Product Overview

Product Overview

Find out how LATITUDE NXT lets you monitor patients’ implanted device data between scheduled office visits.



Discover how a variety of customizable workflows and patient organization options may benefit your practice and patients.

Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

See how our complete portfolio of cardiac patient management solutions helps improve efficiencies and patient outcomes.