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LUX OverviewLUX -Dx ICM System Overview

LUX-Dx™ ICM Patient Resources

Find a variety of helpful resources below—from quick videos about using your myLUX™ Patient app to a comprehensive handbook with everything you need to know about living with a LUX-Dx Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) System.

Helpful Videos

Illustration of a man walking in a park and a play button to watch an overview video about the LUX-Dx ICM System.

Introduction to the LUX-Dx ICM System

Illustration of a man in bed with a mobile device plugged in next to him on the bedside table with a play button to watch a video about setting up your myLUX Patient app.

Setting Up Your myLUX Patient App

Recording Symptoms

Recording Symptoms

Illustration of a man with a play button to watch the LUX-Dx ICM insertion procedure video

Insertion Procedure

Illustration of a health care professional in a doctor’s office with a play button to watch a video about sending a manual transmission from your myLUX Patient app .

Sending a Manual Transmission

Downloadable Handbooks and Guides

Page from the guide showing the steps for setting up the myLUX Patient app

Quick Start Guide

This printable guide features an introduction to the LUX-Dx ICM System, step-by-step instructions for setting up your myLUX Patient app and important reminders for using your mobile device. 

Cover of the LUX-Dx ICM Patient Handbook

Patient Handbook

Get comprehensive
information about how the LUX-Dx ICM System works, reasons for heart monitoring, and how to set up and use your myLUX Patient app. Plus, get important safety info.

Cover of the LUX-Dx Patient Brochure

Patient Brochure

The patient brochure
features a quick overview
of the LUX-Dx ICM System,
reasons for heart
monitoring, and setting
up and using your myLUX
Patient app.

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Need Help?

If you still have questions about using your myLUX Patient app, contact your clinic or give Boston Scientific a call at 1-866-484-3268.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked

Find answers to common myLUX app questions, including how to connect to WiFi, change your language settings and more. 

Heart Monitoring


Learn about the reasons for heart monitoring.
Plus, find a glossary of terms your health
care team may use.


Indications, Safety and Warnings