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Cardiac monitor device support

RhythmCARE™ Assist Service

What is RhythmCARE Assist Service?

The RhythmCARE Assist service is a supplemental service available exclusively for the LUX-Dx™ insertable cardiac monitor (ICM)* patients who have chosen to download the myLUX™ Patient App on their personal smartphones.**

The RhythmCARE Assist service helps you troubleshoot your myLUX app, so your clinic can keep monitoring your heart remotely and give you peace of mind for your care. If your myLUX app becomes disconnected, you will be notified and provided with videos and instructions to guide you through reconnecting the myLUX app.

Based on your sign-up preferences, you will be notified via emails and/or text messages.

Why is staying connected so important?

Your new LUX-Dx ICM* device connects with the myLUX app to automatically send information about your heart rhythm to your clinic. This allows:

  • Your health care team to monitor your heart rhythm remotely
  • You to have less-frequent clinic visits

The system automatically checks to see if your app has become disconnected from your LUX-Dx ICM* device or from a cellular or WiFi network. It will send a notification if you lose connectivity.

Remember that it’s important to set up the myLUX app and keep connected at all times so your clinic has the most up-to-date information. Signing up for RhythmCARE Assist can help you keep connected and easily troubleshoot any issues you may experience.

How RhythmCARE™ Assist works


If you’ve signed up for text messages, you will receive a confirmation text. Respond Yes to the opt-in message sent to your smartphone. Add Boston Scientific RhythmCARE™ Assist (58984) to your smartphone’s contacts so you know we’re texting you.

sample text message exchange from RhythmCARE Assist


You may receive a message that welcomes you to the service, with tips on how to keep your myLUX™ app connected.

sample post-procedure email and text message from RhythmCARE Assist for app set up

Get the app set up

Within a few days after your insertion, you will receive texts‡ and/or emails if you did not already set up the myLUX™ app. It’s important to set up the myLUX app on your smartphone because the app sends heart rhythm data stored on your LUX-Dx™ ICM to your clinic automatically. This allows you to be monitored remotely so your health care team has the most up-to-date information and so you don’t need to visit your clinic as often.

sample email and text message from RhythmCARE Assist if your app has become disconnected

Keep connected

You will receive emails and/or texts if your myLUX™ app has become disconnected. Remember that it’s very important to reconnect as soon as possible so your health care provider can continue monitoring your heart rhythm remotely.

sample email and text message from RhythmCARE Assist if your app has become disconnected

 You can learn more by downloading the RhythmCARE Assist Service brochure below.

Boston Scientific_Patient Services Brochure_FINAL_090623.pdf
5 MB
Download the RhythmCARE Assist Service brochure

If you decide you don’t want to receive communication from RhythmCARE Assist, you can unsubscribe at any time. You may still continue to get communications from your clinic.

We’re here to help 

Our RhythmCARE™ Patient Services team is here to support you throughout your journey. 

Support and resources

*LUX-Dx ICM System refers to LUX-Dx™, LUX-Dx II™, and LUX-Dx II+™ ICM Systems.

**The downloadable myLUX patient app is only available for LUX-Dx II and LUX-Dx II+ ICM. It is not available on LUX-Dx ICM.

†RhythmCARE Assist is exclusively available for patients using the downloadable myLUX Patient App. If you are using a mobile device provided by Boston Scientific, the RhythmCARE service is not available. 

‡You will receive text messages only if you opted in for the text message service.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.