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Cardiac monitor device support

Getting started with the myLUX™ Patient App

About myLUX app

Your LUX-Dx™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) System works in parallel with the myLUX Patient App. Your health care team gathers information about your heart rhythms through your myLUX app. Your health care team may have given you two choices to set up the app: you can use your personal smartphone, or use a mobile device provided by Boston Scientific.

If you are using a mobile device provided by Boston Scientific, your health care provider or your Boston Scientific representative will likely have set up and paired your myLUX app already.

What you'll need to gather before you download your app


Your smartphone

We’ll show steps for both iPhone and Android smartphones. Follow along with the screen that matches your device.


Your app store’s (Apple™ App Store™ or Google Play™) ID and password


The magnet provided in your myLUX Patient Kit

myLUX product box and magnet


Make sure your smartphone is turned on and you have a cellular or WiFi connection.

screens of iPhone and Android showing cellular connection

Downloading the myLUX app

There are 3 different ways you can download the myLUX app. Choose one of the below.

Option 1

Scan this QR code using your smartphone.

image of QR code for app download

Option 2

Open the App Store if you have an iPhone, or Google Play if you have an Android phone. Search for the myLUX Patient App and then install it.

image of App Store and Google Play showing myLUX app for download

Text saying thank you

If you are unable to find the Get or Install button to download the myLUX Patient App onto your smartphone, you may need to update your operating system. If the buttons are still not visible, then your smartphone or OS version may not work with the app. Contact Boston Scientific at 866-484-3268 or your health care provider for alternatives for monitoring your ICM device.

Once you’ve successfully downloaded the myLUX app we’ve outlined the steps to get you set up.

If you need to set up the myLUX app on your own, you can follow the Step-by-Step Setup Guide. There are three options for finding the app and downloading it. Before you begin you can watch a myLUX app tutorial.

We’re here to help 

Our RhythmCARE™ Patient Services team is here to support you throughout your journey. 

Support and resources

LUX-Dx ICM System refers to LUX-Dx™, LUX-Dx II™, and LUX-Dx II+™ ICM Systems.

The downloadable myLUX patient app is only available for LUX-Dx II and LUX-Dx II+ ICM. It is not available on LUX-Dx ICM.

Some pictures of phone screens may look different from the screen on your mobile device, based on specific phone models or OS versions.

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