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Boston Scientific has partnered with SAP Ariba and uses Ariba Network to enable electronic transactions with our suppliers. Electronic transactions deliver proven benefits by sending purchase orders and processing invoices more efficiently for both suppliers and Boston Scientific. 

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Do you have specific questions about transacting with Boston Scientific using Ariba Network? Maybe you just need some help getting started? You can request your personal meeting directly to the corresponding team and they will setup half hour based on availability to guide you through Ariba process.

Contacts for USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and Latam Countries. for EMEA countries.

Benefits for Suppliers

Ariba Network will allow Boston Scientific and our suppliers to work together more efficiently and effectively on all the shared aspects of business commerce. If you’re already on Ariba Network with other customers, you understand the benefits of trading on a global platform.

Supplier Benefits:

  • Ability to create electronic invoices (for Ariba issued Purchase Orders only)
  • Better communication and visibility with Boston Scientific
  • Ability to track the status of your invoices
  • Reduction in errors associated with standard paper invoice processing

If your relationship with BSC provides your first view of Ariba Network, your registration promotes your business to all other trading partners on Ariba Network.

Full enablement on the Network is a subscription, fee-based service. Charges are calculated based on the total volume of transactions moving across Ariba Network, and your chosen subscription level. If you’re like most suppliers on Ariba Network, your network activity level means you’ll start with a free Light Account.

Side by Side Comparison of Light vs. Full Account

For more information regarding the costs and benefits of a full-use account on Ariba Network, please review Subscription and Pricing information on for Suppliers. Click here if you’re interested in a free Light Account.

As a supplier on Ariba Network, you tap into the world’s largest B2B marketplace, with millions of companies doing business at more than double the volume of Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay combined.


Ariba is now a standard part of doing business with Boston Scientific. To optimize benefits from Ariba, we expect that our valued suppliers will take all necessary steps to transact Purchase Orders, Order Confirmations, Ship Notices, and Invoices with BSC via Ariba Network.

Boston Scientific is committed to the success of this initiative and is working hard to make the transition as seamless for suppliers as possible.

For more information, please contact or (for Europe suppliers)

Getting Started

If you are a Boston Scientific supplier with an Ariba Account, and are not already trading with BSC via Ariba Network, please contact or (for Europe suppliers) with your Ariba Network ID.

Boston Scientific is implementing the use of Ariba Network in successive waves by region. As each wave nears its launch date, suppliers for that region will receive a Notification Letter from Boston Scientific, and a Trade Relationship Request from Ariba on BSC’s behalf.

As of January 2021, all Boston Scientific Operations locations in USA, Puerto Rico, Ireland, EMEA Countries, Canada, Costa Rica, Argentina, Mexico and Malaysia have been implemented.

The Boston Scientific | Ariba Network Process

Boston Scientific uses Ariba Network for the ordering and invoicing indirect spend. Once you are an Ariba Enabled Supplier, you will receive Purchase Orders (POs) from BSC electronically and you will create and send invoices electronically.

We know that there are some suppliers who provide goods and services for both direct and indirect. These suppliers should be prepared to receive two different kinds of purchase orders from Boston Scientific, and invoice two different ways:

  1. Indirect POs transmitted through Ariba Network (at any level of enablement); invoiced back through Ariba Network
  2. Direct POs via SAP; invoiced to

Suppliers who provide both direct and indirect will need to establish an account on Ariba Network, if they do not already have one.  


It is Boston Scientific’s expectation that purchase orders transmitted to you through Ariba Network will be invoiced electronically back to us the same way.

If you are a full-use (fully-enabled) supplier with Ariba, your emailed invoice will be rejected. Suppliers on a free Ariba Light account should also use Ariba Network to create an invoice directly from the purchase order.

Boston Scientific does not permit non-PO invoices or invoices against purchase orders created before Ariba to be submitted electronically. You will only be able to utilize the Ariba Network for invoicing of purchase orders that are issued to you via the Ariba Network directly.

For specific questions about Accounting practice within Boston Scientific, please contact the AP Team directly:

Supplier Training and Education

In addition to the downloadable guides below, SAP Ariba provides reference and training material directly through On every page, there is a link to the Help Center, which provides context specific help based on where you are in the system.

Ariba also hosts free webinars for suppliers.

Step-By-Step Guides (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register on the Ariba Network?

A: Go to, and click the ‘Register Now’ link to create a free Light Account, with the option to upgrade to a Full-Use account.

Q: How secure is the Ariba Network?

A: The Ariba Network uses Secure Hypertex Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) for all communication between procurement applications, suppliers, and the Ariba Network. HTTPS is the standard for secure Internet communication and uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with RSA Labs encryption. Additionally, accounts on the Ariba Network are password protected.

Q: What if I don’t want to participate?

A: Boston Scientific is committed to the success of this initiative and is working hard to make the transition as seamless for suppliers as possible. Suppliers are expected to comply with this process change as a requirement for continuing the relationship. Any deviation from this expectation will need to be approved by Boston Scientific, and would likely add time to both sides of a transaction.

Q: How much does it cost to join the Ariba Network?

A: The basic Ariba Light Account is free, regardless of transactions or dollar totals transacted. For some suppliers with a low volume of transactions, this is the best option. The fee-based Ariba Full-Use Account provides a greater degree of functionality for suppliers as well as access to live help. Suppliers must reach key thresholds that a supplier before they are required to pay a fee on the Ariba Network. For more information, please contact Ariba directly or click here for more information.

Q: What equipment do I need to use Ariba Network as a supplier?

A: A valid email address, a regular Internet connection, and a web browser are the only requirements.

Q: Why did Boston Scientific choose Ariba/Ariba Network?

A: Using a next-generation tool like Ariba (myBuy) results in greater efficiencies (speed and accuracy) in ordering, approvals, and transmission of documents (POs and Invoices) with suppliers.

Ariba Network provides suppliers with a ready-made proven electronic trading portal. It allows even small suppliers to trade electronically with us and their other customers.

Ariba Network is the world’s largest trading partner community, home to more than 1.2 million companies, including more than half of the Fortune 500. Ariba provides fast and efficient transmission, tracking, and processing of orders and invoices.

NEWS about Ariba Invoicing

Boston Scientific is committed to transacting business with our suppliers using Ariba Network wherever possible. We thank those of you who have complied with our requirement to use Ariba Network for all buyer-supplier transactions: PO delivery, Order Confirmation, and Invoicing.

You can use the Ariba Network ONLY for invoicing of Purchase Orders that are issued to you via the Ariba Network directly. If a Purchase Order was delivered via the Ariba Network and you submit an invoice outside the Ariba Network, it will be rejected.

Ariba Supplier Network

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General Information Guides

Step-By-Step Guides

Step-By-Step Guides

Light Account Guide

Light Account Guide

Full Account Guide

Full Account Guide

Ariba Network Supplier Training

Ariba Network Supplier Training

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Standard Account invoicing training

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