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Becoming a Boston Scientific Supplier

Boston Scientific continually seeks to rationalize our supply chain. When we need to engage new suppliers, Boston Scientific searches for industry leaders with proven track records of providing superior products and services. 

Supplier Guidelines

Boston Scientific's suppliers are an integral part of helping physicians save lives and improve the patient's quality of life. Our suppliers:

  • Are recognized as leaders within their industries
  • Have engaged, top-level management focused on improving customer value
  • Actively support all Boston Scientific quality requirements and standards
  • Demonstrate a commitment to superior customer service through the application of performance metrics
  • Employ a continuous improvement philosophy for cost, quality, and delivery
  • Have a track record of innovation for product technology, manufacturing processes, and business processes
  • Actively pursue year-over-year cost savings
  • Possess an excellent environmental and safety record
  • Conduct business with the highest ethical standards
  • Comply with all laws and regulations, including laws relating to bribery, child labor, human trafficking and slavery

Quality Standards

Product quality is the single most important aspect of our supplier relationships. All direct materials suppliers are required to comply with Boston Scientific's quality standards, which are detailed in a supplier quality standards agreement. In general, the quality agreement stipulates that:

  • Suppliers will not change the method or location of manufacture without prior approval of Boston Scientific.
  • All products purchased will conform to all specifications.
  • Suppliers will assist with complaint investigations to identify the cause of any complaints and to determine any required corrective actions.
  • Suppliers will replace any defective products and will be responsible for recall costs if there is a recall is due to a product defect.
  • Suppliers will grant Boston Scientific access to their manufacturing operations and supporting documentation in order to conduct quality audits.
  • Suppliers will perform regular quality audits of their raw materials suppliers.

All direct materials suppliers must sign a quality agreement as a precondition for supplying goods or services to Boston Scientific. 

Submit Your Supplier Profile

If you wish to be considered to become a Boston Scientific supplier, complete and submit your Supplier Profile.

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