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Doing Business with Us

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are required for most purchases at Boston Scientific. Failure to include a valid purchase order number and BSC contact person on all invoices can result in significant delays in payment, or a rejection of the invoice.

Payment Terms

Boston Scientific’s standard payment terms are Net 90. Boston Scientific does offer a prompt pay program which guarantees payment in 15 days in exchange for a 2% discount on the gross invoice.

Ethical Practices

Boston Scientific deals with all suppliers and prospective suppliers in a completely fair and ethical manner. We avoid the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising practice in relationships, actions, and communications:

  • We abide by the letter and spirit of all laws governing the transaction of commerce
  • We discourage gifts of any kind
  • We negotiate in good faith
  • We handle supplier confidential or proprietary information with due care and proper consideration of ethical and legal ramifications
  • We conduct all competitive bids in an unbiased and fair manner
  • We promote positive supplier relationships through courtesy and impartiality in all phases of the purchasing cycle

Procurement of Services

The procurement of professional and outside services has unique challenges. Please download our Partnership Guide for Professional and Consulting Services, which outlines how we procure professional, consulting, and outside services.

For additional information, please refer to our Supplier Guidebook.


Submit Your Supplier Profile

If you wish to be considered to become a Boston Scientific supplier, complete and submit your Supplier Profile.

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