Submitting Invoices for Payment

Submitting invoices over the SAP Business Network is fast, digital and reliable

All Purchase Orders sent through Ariba Network should be invoiced through Ariba Network.

Boston Scientific manages two type of invoices:

Direct Invoices: Invoices for products with a unique Boston Scientific part number. All invoices must have a Purchase Order starting with 8 or 47.

Indirect Invoices: Invoices for products or services without Boston Scientific part number.

How to submit invoices?

Please follow the instructions below to ensure that your invoices are processed successfully.

Important: According to your location/country, you might take different actions when preparing an invoice.


  • Suppliers transacting on the Ariba Business Network must submit all invoices digitally through the Ariba Business Network, using the related PO as reference
  • ·For Purchase Orders starting with '6', '8' or '47', invoices must be submitted to
  • For Purchase Orders starting with '7', invoices must be submitted to the email address specified in the country detail information box
  • If the service provided is not requiring a Purchase Order (see below), submit your invoice to the email address specified in the country detail information section. Every invoice must have the name of the requestor mentioned

US only

Non-PO invoices and invoices with 10-digit POs not submitted through Ariba, should be submitted to  

- Submitting Invoices for Payment with Subject Line: PO Box Number OR Company Code  

Offline invoice submission

For suppliers not connected with Boston Scientific on the SAP Business Network, please check your country on the list below and submit invoices digitally to the appropriate mailbox:

Country Legal name Invoice submission email
Austria Boston Scientific GsmbH
Belgium Boston Scientific Benelux NV
   Guidant Europe NV
Czech Republic Boston Scientific Ceska Republika s.r.o
Denmark Boston Scientific Nordic AB
Dubai Boston Scientific Middle East FZ LLC
Finland Boston Scientific Nordic AB
France Boston Scientific International SA
   Boston Scientific SAS
Germany Boston Scientific Medizintechnik GmbH
Ireland Boston Scientific Limited Cork
   Boston Scientific Limited Clonmel
   Boston Scientific Limited Galway
Israel Galil Medical Ltd 
Italy Boston Scientific S.p.A.
Lebanon Boston Scientific Middle SAL
Netherlands Boston Scientific International BV
   Boston Scientific Nederland BV
   Boston Scientific Group plc
Norway Boston Scientific Nordic AB
Poland Boston Scientific Polska Sp. z o.o.
Portugal Boston Scientific Portugal – Dispositivos Médicos, Lda
Romania Boston Scientific Romania S.R.L. 
Saudi Arabia Boston Scientific Gulf for Trading
South Africa Boston Scientific South Africa Pty 
Spain Boston Scientific Ibérica SA
Sweden Boston Scientific Nordic AB
Switzerland Boston Scientific AG
Turkey Boston Scientific Tip Gerecleri Limited Sirketi
UK Boston Scientific Ltd

General invoicing requirements across the globe

General invoicing requirements across the globe
Invoice Submission via Email

If your invoice submission is not valid or correct, you will receive a rejection notice stating the reason for rejection. Reasons for rejection are:

  • No attachments
  • Invalid Attachment
  • Corrupt Attachment 

PO exempted categories

Every invoice submitted without PO number must include the name of the requestor of the services

Exception US & OPS EMEA
Travel/Meetings expenses X X
Utilities (Gas, Electric, Water, etc.)  X  
Government Payments (Taxes, Fees & Social Securities) X X
FDA Filing Fees  X  
Royalty payments  X X
HCPs (including HCP Expenses)  X X
Insurance  X X
Rents/Leases  X  
Freight  X X
Reaulatory Registrations  X X
Legal Settlements  X X
Temporary Labor  X  
Benefits  X  
Vehicle Lease Programs including parking X X
New Business Development  X  
Non-employee Expense Reimbursements  X X
Payroll/ Salary payments  X X
Honorariums  X X
Sponsorships  X X
Donations  X X
Cafeteria Purchases (Site Dependent)  X  
Clinical Services (HCP related)  X X
Contract-Based Invoices  X X
Rebates-Commissions  X X
Sales Agents Invoices  X X
Late Payment Fees  X X
CTA/Lodge cards (Citibank) X X

Helpdesk contact information by region

Country Email Phone
Argentina 54 1159839378 (SPA)
Brazil 55 194 560 1840 (PR)
Chile 56 232 101 596 (SPA)
Colombia 57 601 5801 626  (SPA)
Costa Rica 506 4101 8299 (SPA)
Mexico 52 55 41611112  (SPA)
Peru 51 17095793 (SPA)
USA 774-445-6050 (EN)
Puerto Rico    
Canada 289-804-8747 (EN)
Country Email Phone
Austria  0800 909470 (DE, EN)
Belgium 0800 89028 (EN, FR)
Czech Republic 8000 50468 (EN)
Denmark  806 00228 (EN)
Dubai  971 600 521 592 (EN)
Finland  0800 417 616 (EN)
France 0805 542890 (FR, EN)
Germany 0800 664 7526 (DE, EN)
Ireland 1800 851 674 (EN)
Israel 972-180-951-0001
Italy 8009 59939 (IT, EN)
Lebanon 971 600 521 592​​​​​​​ (EN)
Netherlands 0800 0220180 (EN)
Norway 800 544 58 (EN)
Poland 8000 12082 (PL, EN)
Portugal 800 785167 (EN)
Romania +400 800 890 465
Russia 800 551 0408 (EN)
Saudi Arabia +011 8008 501 369
South Africa 0800 600500 (EN)
Spain 900822785 (SP, EN)
Sweden 0201 604 260 (EN)
Switzerland 0800 110 167  (DE, EN)
Turkey 00800 448 829077 (EN, TUR)
UK 8009 178257 (EN)
Country Email

US only

ACH Payments
If your bank accepts electronic (ACH/CTX) payments, download the ACH/CTX form and email it to us at  

Discount Vendors
If you have questions about discount invoices or would like to become a discount vendor, please email us at  

Fremont, CA Invoices
(Company Code 1700)
Accounts Payable Department
PO Box 9191
Canton, MA 02021

Maple Grove, MN Invoices
(Company Code 1200)
Boston Scientific
Accounts Payable Department
PO Box 9190
Canton, MA 02021 

Natick, MA/Marlboro, MA/Quincy, MA
& Spencer, IN Invoices

(Company Code 1000)
Boston Scientific
Accounts Payable Department
PO Box 9188
Canton, MA 02021

Miami, FL Invoices
(Company Code 1400)
Boston Scientific
Accounts Payable Department
PO Box 9188
Canton, MA 02021 

San Jose, CA Invoices
(Company Code 1620)
Boston Scientific
Accounts Payable Department
PO Box 9192
Canton, MA 02021 

St. Paul, MN Invoices
(Company Code 7120)
Boston Scientific/Guidant Corporation
Accounts Payable Department
PO Box 9198
Canton, MA 02021 

Dorado, Puerta Rico Invoices
(Company Code 7140)
Boston Scientific/Guidant Corporation
Accounts Payable Department
PO Box 9199
Canton, MA 02021

Valencia, CA Invoices
(Company Code 1680)
Boston Scientific
Accounts Payable Department
PO Box 9197
Canton, MA 02021