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Boston Scientific LUX-Dx Insertable Cardiac Monitor against dark blue background with S-ECG signal.

Signal quality

This signal changes everything

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With clear S-ECG signal quality from the moment of insertion, the LUX-Dx™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) helps you achieve more efficient and confident event reviews. In fact, the signal quality is so clear, P-waves are visible in 90% of heart cycles and consistent over time.1


Astoundingly clear signals from the moment of insertion

The S-ECG signal quality of the LUX-Dx ICM is designed to emulate Lead II. It puts the power of clear signals in your hands from the very moment of insertion, giving confirmation of proper device location and confidence in algorithm performance.

Strong signal amplitude and exceedingly clear S-ECGs allow teams to work with actionable, high-quality data to increase confidence, minimize disruptions and streamline workflow.


Clinical data

Icon signifying 90%.
P-waves clearly visible
In 90% of heart cycles and consistent over time1
LUX-DX Signal Quality Experience with Dr. Mark Richards
Dr. Mark Richards talks about how the ability to see clear signals and P-waves with the LUX-Dx ICM helps improve care and enhance workflow efficiency from the point of insertion through the day-to-day management of ICM patients.


Real-world LUX-Dx ICM S-ECGs

See S-ECG signal examples

See the LUX-Dx ICM’s signal quality for yourself in 14 featured cases from real LUX-Dx ICM patients.

Real-time S-ECG at insertion
Patient insertion: March 3, 2021
Smartphone with real-time S-ECG, an S-ECG signal with an interrupted line, and readings of amplitude: 0.24 mV and 68 bpm.
Presenting S-ECG
Patient’s follow-up report: December 16, 2020 at 7:59am
S-ECG signal with ranges from VS 810 to VS 833.
S-ECG from atrial fibrillation alert
Patient’s event detail report: September 24, 2020 at 1:34 pm
S-ECG signal with ranges from VS 685 to VS 1228.
S-ECG from pause alert
Patient’s event detail report: October 8, 2020 at 7:04am
S-ECG signal with readings of B 2230 Pause and B 3668 End Pause.
For more S-ECGs showing the LUX-Dx ICM’s advanced signal quality, check out our signal quality brochure.

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1. Frazier-Mills C, Rahan A, Saleeby R, Leguire R, et al. Consistent visibility in P-waves observed in patients implanted with LUX-Dx Insertable Cardiac Monitor. Poster presented at: 2021 Heart Rhythm Society; July 2021; Boston, MA.