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Introducing the LUX-Dx™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) System

The challenge with today’s ICMs isn’t what they’re missing. It’s what they have too much of: Excessive false positives and unnecessary appointments to adjust programming.

The LUX-Dx ICM System is designed to change all that starting from the moment of implant with astoundingly clear S-ECG signal quality. The difference is clear, allowing teams to work with better data and improve workflow. This ICM thinks twice so you don’t have to, with a dual-stage algorithm capable of rejecting false positives, remote programming to put you in control and advanced technologies to streamline patient care. It’s more of what you want in an ICM—and less of what you don’t.

It's time for an ICM like no other.

Engineered for Advanced Control

Engineered for Advanced Control

The Boston Scientific research and development team discuss their design process and how they developed an ICM that addresses the shortcomings of existing devices, reduces patient burden and accelerates critical decision making.


Signal Quality

The Difference Is Clear

The S-ECG signal quality of the LUX-Dx™ ICM is designed to emulate Lead II. It puts the power of astoundingly clear signals in your hands, helping to achieve more efficient and confident S-ECG evaluations.

dual stage

Consistent Visibility of P-Waves Observed in Patients Implanted with LUX-Dx™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM)

Distributed with permission from the Heart Rhythm Society.

Reject False Positives

An ICM That Checks its Work

The LUX-Dx ICM features a dual-stage algorithm that automatically detects and then verifies data before sending results, so it can reject false positives, provide actionable insights and get you to an accurate diagnosis faster. It’s time for data you can count on.

Enhance Workflow

Advanced Control, on Your Terms

Combining remote programming and the new LATITUDE Clarity™ Data Management System, the LUX-Dx ICM System helps you accelerate critical decision making and increase efficiency—without having to make another patient appointment. It’s time to put the power in your hands.
Reliable Data

Empower Patients

Reliable Data for You. Peace of Mind for Patients.

The myLUX™ Patient App helps patients feel confident that their heart rhythms are being monitored, while helping improve compliance and educate patients. It’s time for more informed patients.

Implant with Confidence

Implant with Confidence

Intuitive Insertion Procedure

The LUX-Dx ICM comes pre-loaded in its own reloadable insertion tool and uses a familiar, four-step insertion process to help you efficiently and confidently implant the device.

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Shifting to Proactive Care in Heart Health

Sidharth Shah, MD, MS, FACC of UNC Health in Raleigh, North Carolina talks with EP Lab Digest about how the LUX-Dx ICM helps him provide more proactive heart health care.

Education and Training

Education & Training

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