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Efficient workflows

Focused on how your clinic works

The LUX-Dx II+™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) System is equipped with a suite of intuitive tools to help you see the bigger data picture—without losing the details to back it up.

Streamlined data management

The LATITUDE Clarity™ Data Management System is designed specifically for ICM care teams, so it’s no surprise that it helps you increase efficiencies, enhance clinic workflow and continually improve results.

LATITUDE Clarity System features


Get 24-hour read-only access to review data from any LUX-Dx ICM patient.

dashboard view

Streamlined navigation and a customizable view make reviews quick and intuitive while also helping you prioritize daily tasks.

S-ECG signal quality and event review tools

Clear S-ECGs with advanced zooming and annotating tools help save time and offer confidence in event review.

Remote programming

Easily adjust device settings remotely to fine-tune detection parameters and accelerate critical decision making—without bringing patients in for another appointment.

Patient compliance and communication

One-way messages to the myLUX Patient app help save time confirming data review and ease patient anxiety.

Full interrogations with alerts

Full interrogation with alerts and EMR integration improve efficiency and fit your clinic workflow.

Customizable reports

Consolidated, flexible reports put all relevant information in one place for enhanced speed and convenience.

Reliable remote programming

With LATITUDE Clarity, it’s easy to fine-tune detection parameters, adjust ICM device settings and apply changes remotely — all without needing to bring the patient in for another appointment.

Step 1

LATITUDE Clarity System sends information to LATITUDE Server.

Programming changes made and saved in the LATITUDE Clarity System are reflected immediately on the server. 

Step 2

Information is sent to Boston Scientific myLUX Patient App.

On a set schedule, the myLUX App looks for updates from the LATITUDE server.

Step 3

Information is sent to Boston Scientific LUX-Dx II+ Insertable Cardiac Monitor.

If updates are available, adjustments will be applied to the ICM at the next connection with the device.

92% of changes applied within 48 hours1*

Preliminary results from the LUX-Dx PERFORM Clinical study demonstrated the use of remote ICM reprogramming to optimize arrhythmia detection and diagnosis, and to improve clinical workflow.

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1. Stolen C, Rosman J, Manyam H, et al. Preliminary results from the LUX-Dx insertable cardiac monitor remote programming and performance (LUX-Dx PERFORM) study. Clin Cardiol. 2022; 1-8. doi: 10.1002/clc.23930 

* Evaluated using the LUX-Dx™ ICM System