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Critical Care Procedures & Treatments

Help keep airways clear with EXALT™ Model B

Model B single-use bronchoscope delivers powerful suction for complex ICU procedures. Ergonomically designed for physicians and RTs.

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Boston Scientific partners with Critical Care surgeons to continually advance the quality of patient care with innovative solutions that offer a comprehensive portfolio of laser systems, fibers and accessories. 


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Single-use bronchoscope optimized for the ICU, built to help keep airways clear during complex respiratory procedures like double lumen tube placements.

EXALT™ Model B Single-Use Bronchoscope

The airway endoscopy standard of care has evolved with the introduction of Boston Scientific’s new EXALT Model B Single-Use Bronchoscope. The single-use bronchoscope was specifically designed and optimized for bedside procedures and features suction capabilities and the familiar feel found in reusable models – all combined with the peace-of-mind offered by a sterile single-use device.

Central Airway Obstruction

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For patients with tracheobronchial strictures produced by malignant neoplasms, you need products specially designed to adapt to airway anatomy.

Ultraflex™ Tracheobronchial Stent System

The Ultraflex Tracheobronchial Stent System is provided sterile and is indicated for use in the treatment of tracheobronchial strictures produced by malignant neoplasms.

Enteral Feeding

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Choose from a variety of initial placement, replacement, and through-the-PEG enteral feeding devices.

EndoVive™ Enteral Access Initial Placement: Safety Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Kit

The Safety Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Kit's Silicone dome-bolstered PEG tube available in multiple French sizes with two external bolster options to accommodate physician and patient needs: Round and T-bar.

EndoVive™ Enteral Access Initial Placement: Standard Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Kit

The Standard Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Kit's Silicone dome-bolstered PEG tube available in multiple French sizes with two external bolster options to accommodate physician and patient needs: Round and T-bar.

EndoVive™ Enteral Access Replacement: Balloon Replacement Gastrostomy Tubes (Straight and Right Angle)

Straight and right angle feeding tubes. Right angle bolster designed to be less obtrusive and may reduce premature pull-out.

EndoVive™ Low Profile Button Replacement Gastrostomy Tube Kit

The EndoVive Low Profile Button design may help reduce the risk of accidental pull-out. The low profile design and flexibility at the skin level may help support patient comfort and discretion.

EndoVive™ One-Step Button™ Low Profile Initial Placement Percutaneous Endoscopic
Gastrostomy (PEG) Kit and Accessories

The One-Step Button Low Profile Initial Placement PEG Kit allows for the initial placement of a low profile button.

EndoVive™ Through The PEG (TTP) Jejunal Feeding Tube

The EndoVive Through The PEG (TTP) Jejunal Feeding Tube is designed for placement through an existing Boston Scientific PEG.

Foreign Body Removal

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Optimal visibility, control, and strength for quick and efficient foreign body removal.

Extractor™ Pro Retrieval Balloon Catheters

The squared shoulder of the Extractor Pro Retrieval Balloon Catheter is designed to facilitate effective and efficient stone removal. Each of the three balloon sizes can be inflated to two distinct diameters to better accommodate anatomical variations.

RescueNet™ Retrieval Net

The RescueNet Device is specifically designed for optimal visibility, control and strength for quick and efficient foreign body removal.

Rescue™ Retrieval Devices

The Rescue Retrieval Devices are specifically designed for optimal maneuverability and grasping power.

Trapezoid™ RX Wireguided Retrieval Basket

The Trapezoid RX Wireguided Retrieval Basket is designed to facilitate pushability and guidewire access. May be used with the Alliance™ II Inflation Handle for mechanical lithotripsy to crush large stones.

Zero Tip™ Airway Retrieval Basket

The Zero Tip Airway Retrieval Basket is indicated to be used to endoscopically remove foreign bodies in the airway.


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Endoscopic hemostasis can be accomplished through a wide range of treatment modalities including clipping, multiple band ligation, electrocautery, and/or injection.

Injection Gold Probe™ and Gold Probe™ Bipolar Hemostasis Catheters

The Injection Gold Probe and Gold Probe Bipolar Hemostasis Catheters are designed to provide uniform burn, effective coagulation, and en face tangential tamponade, even in difficult scope positions.

Interject™ Injection Therapy Needle Catheter

The Interject Injection Therapy Needle Catheter is designed to provide access for injection therapy applications and may also be used for polypectomy and endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR).

Resolution 360™ Clip

Resolution 360 Clip builds on the strong clinical and economic track record established by Resolution Clip. The Resolution 360 Clip has controlled clip placement and 1:1 rotation designed to enable faster and more accurate placement.

Resolution 360™ ULTRA Clip

The Resolution 360 Platform now offers standard and wide jaw clips designed to meet your clinical needs.

Resolution™ Clip

The radiopaque Resolution Clip is designed for hemostasis, endoscopic marking, closure and anchoring of jejunal feeding tubes. It also can be used for hemostasis for prophylactic clipping to reduce the risk of delayed bleeding post lesion resection.

Infection Prevention

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To ensure patient safety, Boston Scientific is committed to helping you find opportunities to minimize cross-contamination risk and proactively address infection control.

Aegis™ One-Hour Indicator

Aegis One-Hour Indicator provides a clear visual indicator and peel-off label as a reminder of the one-hour time constraint to help nursing and reprocessing staff comply with the endoscope manufacturer's reprocessing requirements.

The Aegis One-Hour Indicator is designed to adhere to CinchPad™ and other systems used to transport contaminated endoscopes. The peelable label can help users to conveniently track and document endoscope reprocessing timelines.

Blox™ Bite Blocks

Blox Bite Blocks are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate patient and clinical needs.

CinchPad™ Endoscope Transport Pad

CinchPad Endoscope Transport Pad is designed to provide leak-proof containment to reduce biohazard risks and complies with society guidelines for endoscope transport.

Compliance EndoKit™

Compliance EndoKits contain and deliver commonly used accessories for use in endoscopic procedures and/or post-procedural endoscope reprocessing cycle.

SIK-242 contains the Koala™ Cleaning Sponge plus Pure™ Enzymatic and 850ml EcoBowl.

Please consult your Boston Scientific Territory Manager on options to customize your Compliance EndoKit™ to meet your individual endoscope reprocessing needs.

EndoArmor™ Gowns EndoArmor™+ Surgical Gown
AAMI Level 3

EndoArmor + Surgical Gown has undergone testing to meet the Level 3 requirements of ANSI/AAMI PB70:2012 Liquid barrier performance and classification of protective apparel and drapes intended for use in health care facilities.

The EndoArmor + Surgical Gowns are single-use personal protective equipment intended to be worn by healthcare professionals to help protect both the patient and the healthcare worker from the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids, and particulate matter.

EndoGlide™ Lubricant

EndoGlide lubricating jelly was specifically formulated by gastroenterologists for endoscopy.

HedgeHog™ Endoscope Cleaning Brushes

A variety of cleaning brush options are available to provide endoscope channel cleaning according to customer needs.

Pure™ Enzymatic Detergent

Pure Enzymatic Detergent provides low foaming detergent in an environmentally friendly biodegradable solution.

Surgical Complication Management

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A wide range of devices for endoscopic management of possible surgical complications.

CRE™ Balloon Dilatation Catheters Fixed, Wireguided, PRO Wireguided, and RX Biliary Balloon Dilatation Catheter

CRE PRO, CRE RX, CRE Fixed, and CRE Wireguided Balloon Dilatation Catheters provide consistent performance for balloon endoscopy for optimal control, efficiency and performance. Both CRE RX Biliary and PRO Wireguided Catheters are indicated for use in the removal of difficult biliary stones (Dilatation Assisted Stone Extraction, DASE).

CRE™ Single-Use Pulmonary Balloon Dilatation Catheter

The CRE Pulmonary Balloon Dilatation Catheter is intended to be used to endoscopically dilate strictures of the airway tree. As the first balloon indicated for the airway–it is designed with three-in-one technology and provides successive, gradual dilation of strictures.